Florida Teacher Certification Requirements

The following certification requirements apply only to those persons who applied for teacher certification AFTER July 27, 2006. For previous requirements, visit the Florida Teacher Certification Requirements (Prior to 2006).

STEP 1: Eligibility for Certification 

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college.

  • Meet subject content specialization by having:

    • Undergraduate degree major in subject area or

    • Specified number of college credit hours in subject area or

    • A passing score on the Florida teacher certification subject area exam


 *Note that some school districts require a Statement of Eligibility from the state Department of Education that reflects completion of subject specialization requirements before obtaining employment in a Florida school system.


STEP 2: Requirements for a Three Year Nonrenewable Temporary Certificate 

  • Obtain employment in a Florida public, state-supported, or nonpublic school that has an approved Professional Education Competency Program.

  • Complete a fingerprinting report for employer to submit to the State Department.


STEP 3: Requirements for a Five Year Professional Certificate 

  • Satisfy requirements of Steps 1 and 2

  • Satisfy the educational training requirements of Professional Preparation through a Florida school district Alternative Certification Program (ACP) or completion of fifteen (15) hours in education courses. (Note: Pre-K Primary is exempt from having to complete this requirement).

  • Satisfy Florida's testing requirements by presenting a passing score on each of the following tests:

    1. General Knowledge Test (Note: Pass by the end of the first year)

    2. Subject Area Exam (SAE) (Note: Can be completed in Step 1)

    3. Professional Education Test (Ped)

  • Successfully complete an approved Florida Professional Education Competency (PEC) Program by the end of the first year. This is satisfied through the School Board upon being hired.

  • Satisfy Practical Experience in Teaching - one year of full-time teaching experience in an elementary or secondary school.

**Note: Be sure to submit your application, $56.00 application fee and transcripts to the DOE.

Bureau of Educator Certification Website: www.fldoe.org (Apply here for the three year temporary teaching certificate)

For additional information contact: University of North Florida / Office of Academic Advising: (904) 620-2530



Fifteen (15) semester hours with credit in the following professional education areas (Note: 15 hours total applies to all subjects; however, more than 15 hours may be needed to complete all of the specific course requirements):

  • Classroom management including safe learning environments.

    • UNF recommends:

      • EDG 4410 Classroom Management

  • Human development and learning

    • UNF recommends one of the following:

      • EDF 6211 Advanced Educational Psychology

      • EXP 3412 Learning Theory

      • DEP 3054 Life Span Developmental Psychology

      • DEP 2300 Foundations of Adolescent Psychology

      • DEP 2100 Foundations of Child Psychology

  • Educational assessment to include the content measured by state achievement tests and the interpretation and utilization of data to improve student achievement.

    • UNF recommends:

      • EDF 6442 Assessment in the Curriculum

  • Effective instructional strategies including the needs of diverse learners.

    • UNF recommends:

      • EDG 6250 Instructional Strategies

  • Curriculum and special methods of teaching the subject.

    • UNF recommends:

      • English LAE 6339 Secondary (will satisfy middle grades)

      • Social Science SSE 6385 Secondary (will satisfy middle grades)

      • Math MAE 4320 Middle Grades / MAE 6336 Secondary

      • Science SCE 4320 Middle Grades / SCE 6337 Secondary

      • Art ARE 4353 Art Methods K-12

      • Foreign Language FLE 6665 Foreign Language K-12

      • Music MUE 4311 Music - Elementary AND

      • MUE 4330 Music - Secondary 


Note: You are not required to take a Special Methods course if looking to be certified in Physical Education, ESE and Elementary Education K-6.

  • Foundations of research-based practices in teaching reading. (NOTE: Requirement applies to middle grades 5-9 and secondary 6-12 subjects ONLY. This requirement can only be waived if one of teaching reading or elementary)

    • UNF recommends:

      • RED 6000 Language & Cognitive Foundations for Reading

      • RED 6656 Advanced Foundations of Reading

  • Elective credit 
    Elementary Education and ESE teachers need to take an elective course to meet state requirements

    • UNF Recommends:

      • EDF 6480 Foundations of Educational Research

      • EDF 6607 Education in America

      • EDE 6225 Elementary School Curriculum

      • EEX 6025 Issues & Trends for Special Education

      • (**Or choose any course with an Education prefix**)


Note: One year of teaching experience may be applied in lieu of three (3) semester hours of college credit toward missing requirements in a Professional Preparation category.