Office of the Dean

The College of Education and Human Services has long valued its role in the preparation of teaching professionals. The ever-broadening, increasingly diverse needs of society, however, have created a continuing demand not only for qualified teachers, but for other professionals as well. To help meet this demand, the college has expanded its programs. Students may now choose from career paths in teaching in the P-12 school settings, or careers in sport management. The college's theme, "Partners in Diverse Learning Communities," exemplifies the mission to prepare and renew professionals who are equipped to live in pluralistic societies, capable of creating learning communities which focus on continued improvement of the teaching and learning process. Emphasis is placed on application of theory to practice with nearby schools and agencies serving as laboratories for learning.



  MHLupi Marsha H. Lupi

Interim Dean

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Jennifer Kane
Jennifer Kane
 Interim Associate Dean
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  possinger Megan Schramm Possinger
Director of Assessment & Research
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Linda Sciarratta

Coordinator of Budgets

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  /uploadedImages/aa/coehs/about/dean_dmeehan.jpg Deirdre Meehan

Executive Secretary

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/uploadedImages/aa/coehs/about/Tiffany2_small.JPG Tiffany King

Office Manager

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Patti Robbins
Program Assistant