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Chinese Bridge Summer Camp

Friday, June 15, 2018

The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp will host its 2018 camp for American high school and college students around mid-June this year. The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp is an annual Chinese language and culture camp experience sponsored by Hanban, Confucius Institute Headquarters, in cooperation with Shaanxi Normal University, which develops and presents the entire program. The Confucius Institute at the University of North Florida facilitates the publicity and registration of the students. This two-week program is structured to enhance understanding between American and Chinese students. Through a combination of classroom study and excursions, students have an opportunity to expand their language skills while experiencing China’s culture and history on a personal level.


Chinese Bridge Summer Camp activities include but are not limited to: Tai-chi, calligraphy, brush painting, paper-cutting, Chinese language and culture classes, Chinese music & arts appreciation workshops, etc. Visits to Chinese cultural landmarks, historical sites, and museums in Xi’an and Beijing. Confucius Institute Headquarters and Shaanxi Normal University will cover expenses in China including food, accommodation, visits, tours and group activities. The cost is around $2,200 per student. Students will be responsible for international travel fees, international insurance, visa application fees, and any unforeseen expenditures.


Participants must be aged 15-30, must have studied Chinese for no more than 3 years, and must not have participated in a visit organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters before. They must be American citizens with valid U.S. passports, have an interest in Chinese language and culture, be healthy enough for travel, and be willing to participate in all camp activities.


To sign up for the camp, please fill in the form below. For questions, contact the Confucius Institute at UNF at (904) 620-5436 or



2018 Summer Camp Application Form