Venture Studies Program

Venture Studies offers an integrative, coherent curriculum that intentionally prepares students to successfully navigate the transitions of college life, understand the foundational nature of the curriculum, and apply what they have learned to the world.

  • To become a reflective thinker, able to articulate what they know and how their perspective of themselves and the world has been transformed
  • To integrate knowledge across the disciplines and apply it to real world problems

Venture Studies Seminars prepare students to:

  • Learn how to be an every more successful college student
  • Understand the different stages of critical thinking
  • Articulate the purpose and benefits of community-based learning

The Seminar provides students with a learning community led by a faculty mentor committed to helping you determine your goals and support you in the process of creating a plan to reach them. The seminar breaks down the classroom walls by extending learning out into the Jacksonville community.


Our goal is for every student to take a Venture Studies Seminar in their first two years at UNF.

What does it take to succeed? Advice from the experts: UNF Students

As for my success at UNF, I attribute it to my hard work, determination, and willingness to have an open mind to be creative and seek new goals. Every professor has taught me the foundation to build my future career upon and encouraged me to keep exploring possibilities.
Peter Nguyen, Outstanding Student in Graphic Design 2010

I think my time here at UNF was so successful because of some great advice my older brother gave me before I started college. He said to get to know my faculty members. Go to their office hours, ask questions, make sure they know who I am, and make sure to get to know them and their interests. Because I decided to take that advice, I developed great relationships with the faculty. 
 Eleni Akapnitis, Outstanding Sociology Graduate 2010


Venture Studies Courses throughout the General Education curriculum develop 

  • Critical thinking abilities
  • The ability to articulate how different disciplinary perspectives contribute to our understanding of an issue or problem