• Pencil presentation
    Andrea Frankenstein at SEPA 2016
    Andrea Frankenstein and Dr. Tracy Alloway's research was presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) conference. Their poster title was: "What makes a pencil a pencil? Exploring the Roles of Working Memory and Intelligence in Creativity"
  • Misinformation presentation
    Lily Antonio at SEPA 2016
    Lilyeth Antonio and Dr. Juliana Leding's research was presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) conference. The poster was: "Misinformation and Need for Cognition: How They Affect False Memories"
  • April psychology team
    Nora Del Giudice and Andrea Frankenstein at SEPA 2016
    Nora and Andrea presented their research with Dr. Dan Richard at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) conference on: "Service-Learning and Civic Identity Development" 
  • Adaptive memory presentation
    Nora Del Giudice at SEPA 2016
    Nora's and Dr. Juliana's Leding was presented at the Southeastern Psychological Association (SEPA) conference. Their poster was: "The Need to Survive - Adaptive Memory and the Need for Cognition"
  • JBarton_Conf2015
    Congratulations to Jenny Barton on being the Runner Up for the Graduate Poster Awards at SSSP
    Jenny's poster was on: "A Reconsideration of the Self-Compassion Scale: Investigating the Psychometric Properties of Self-Compassion". She presented it at the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists (2015), in Winston-Salem, NC
  • AGillisConf2015
    Ashley Gillis presented her research at SSSP
    Ashley Gillis presented two pieces of research at the Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists (2015), in Winston-Salem, NC

    Left poster title: Environmental impact: Misunderstood and absent from the mind

    Right poster title: Straight from the people: Barriers of 10 effective climate mitigation behaviors
  • MAGP students
    Welcome to our new cohort of MAGP students!
    We are excited to welcome our new students be part of our wonderful program. Find out more about their research interests HERE.
  • Science
    MAGP Graduate Student was part of research featured in Science
    MAGP Graduate student, Michael Penuliar, was part of a study published in the world's leading outlet for scientific news, Science. The journal article was" Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science. READ
  • MAGP conference
    John Horton presented his research at APA 2015
    John Horton presented his research with Dr. Tracy Alloway on working memory in cross-cultural setting. The poster was titled:  Is it a Small World After All?Exploring the Theoretical Structure of Working Memory Cross-nationally
  • Copeland, John - student
    John Copeland and Dr. Lange share their research on the radio

    John Copeland and Dr. Lori Lange discuss a study in biofeedback research to help veteran students monitor stress levels during “UNF On The Record,” a weekly radio show featuring campus life, as well as faculty and student research.  LISTEN


  • Moulder
    Bobby Moulder was accepted to a PhD program at the University of Virginia

    A big congratulations to Bobby Moulder for his acceptance to the quantitative methods PhD for psychology at the University of Virginia!!

    Bobby will be working with Drs. Steven Boker and Timo von Oertzen and will be studying machine learning algorithms and bifurcation in dynamical systems modeling. He has been awarded full tuition and an assistantship.

  • Andrew Provenzano
    Andrew Provenzano was accepted to a PhD program at the University of Arkansas

    Congratulations to Andrew Provenzano for his offer and decision to attend the Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program at the University of Arkansas!!! He had three offers, including Kansas and Washington State. Andrew will be working in Dr. Jim Lampinen's lab studying prospective person memory, which refers to remembering to engage in an action in the future. He will be funded through a TA assistantship for the fall and spring semesters and instructing during the summer. He also has a full tuition waiver.

  • student presentation
    Shelley Floyd was selected to represent UNF

    Shelley Floyd was selected from a cohort of graduate students to represent UNF at a statewide symposium. She presented her research on the Neuropsychological, Cognitive and Physiological Implications of Barefoot Running on Working Memory.


  • HFAP
    Andrea Frankenstein presented her research the Human Factors & Applied Psychology Conference, 2015
    Andrea presented her research on: The Effects of Stress on Cognitive and Emotional Moral Decision Making
  • SSP2
    Jenny Barton presented her research at SPSP (Society of Personality and Social Psychology), 2015
    Jenny presented 'The Use and Acceptance of Self-compassionate Apologies'. Two studies investigated the self-presentational strategies of self-compassion following an interpersonal transgression. Self-compassionate people prefer self-compassionate apologies and are more likely to forgive a transgressor regardless of their apology type. Overall, self-compassion does impact how people self-present following a transgression. 
  • APS students
    Shelby Speegle presented her research at APS (Association for Psychological Science), 2015
    Shelby presented a poster of her research on: "An exploratory analysis of core values, moral reasoning and sexism"
  • JHorton
    John Horton presented his research at SEPA (SouthEastern Psychological Association), 2014


    John presented his research on the role of working memory in learning:  For Richer or Poorer: Working Memory, Environment, and Learning Outcomes 


  • SEPA students
    Carissa Kazee presented her research at SEPA (SouthEastern Psychological Association), 2014
    Carissa presented a poster with Brett Wallace on the prevention of childhood anxiety.
  • SSP1
    Jenny Barton presented her research at SSSP (Society for Southeastern Social Psychologists), 2014
    Jenny presented a talk called 'Lay That Burden Down: Self-compassion as a Buffer Against the Negative Effects of Burdensomeness'. Two studies investigated how self-compassionate people respond to burden. Overall, self-compassionate people experience lower levels of burdensomeness than those low in self-compassion. 
  • TerrReasearch3
    Daniel Snook presented his research at the Society for Terrorism Research Conference, 2014
    Daniel presented his thesis work at the annual conference for the Society for Terrorism Research 8th International Conference.
  • Christopher Walker was accepted to a PhD program at the University of Florida
    Congratulations to Chris -  he will be attending University of Florida in the fall of 2015 and will be completing the behavioral neuroscience track of the psychology program. Christopher also was offered a Graduate Teacher Assistantship position which he will begin in the fall. He will be working with Dr. Darlene Kertes and his research will focus on infant biome development.