• Copeland, John - student
    John Copeland

    Research Interests: For my thesis I am investigating differences in sense of belonging between veteran and non veteran students and whether or not belonging predicts health outcomes (Depression, Anxiety, Physical Health, PTSD, & Stress).


    Advisor: Dr. Lori Lange

  • Kazee, Carissa - student
    Carissa Kazee

    Title: Teaching kids with ASD to recognize bullying behaviors.

    Wallace, B., Kazee, C., Richard, F., Mann, A., & Fisak, B. (2015). The Prevention of Child and Adolescent Anxiety: A Follow-Up Meta-Analysis. Southeastern Psychological Association.

  • Alyssa Sedghi Khoi
    Alyssa Sedghi-Khoi
     Research interests: Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism. Specifically dealing with bullying among elementary aged children with ASD.

    Advisor: Dr. Mann
  • Brandon Araujo
    Brandon Araujo, Yr2

    Thesis: Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change: How does Risk Influence Decision-Making?


    Araujo, B., Truelove, H.B. (2016) Adapting to Climate Change: Farmers’  

         Perceptions of Costs and Benefits.  Society for Personality & Social Psychology Conference, San Diego, CA.

  • Sarah Beard
    Sarah Beard, Yr2

    Thesis: Prosocial Personality Characteristics and Risky Decision-Making in Adolescents and Young Adults. 

    Grotuss, J., & Beard, S. J. (in press). Procedures for dealing with bullies. In T. K. Shackelford & V. A. Weekes-Shackelford (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science . New York, NY: Springer International Publishing.


    Grotuss, J., & Beard, S. J. (in press). Appearance and beauty in girls. In T. K. Shackelford & V. A. Weekes-Shackelford (Eds.), The Encyclopedia of Evolutionary Psychological Science. New York, NY: Springer International Publishing.


    Garcia, A., Toglia, M. P., & Beard, S. J. (2016, May). Emotional valence and memory for thematic lists and stories: Implications for interviewing. Poster presented at Applied Cognition and the Cognitive Interview: A Conference in Honor of Dr. Ron Fisher. Florida International University, Miami, FL.

  • Travis
    Travis Bishop, Yr2
     Research Interests: Time pressure, emotionality and decision making; The influences of personality variables on risky decision making; Cognitive biases and the cognitive interview

    Advisor: Dr. Dominic Guess
  • Jonathan Bueno
    Jonathan Bueno, Yr2
     Research interests: Biofeedback, stress and coping strategies, health psychology, psychophysiology, behavioral and cognitive neuroscience.

    Advisor: Dr. Lori Lange
  • Evan Copello
    Evan Copello, Yr2

    Thesis - The Dark Side of Social Media: How Recruitment Appeals by Extremist Groups Seem Acceptable


    Alloway, T.P. & Copello, E. (2016). The Improvement of Working Memory. In Miller, H.L. (Eds.), Encyclopediaof Theory in Psychology. London: Sage. http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781483346274.n334



    Alloway, T.P., Copello, E., Loesch, M., Soares, C., Watkins, J., Miller, D., Campell, G., Tarter, A., Law, N., Soares, C., & Ray, S. (2016). Investigating the reliability and validity of the Multidimensional Emotional Empathy Scale. Measurement, 90, 438-442

  • Candance Gilberstadt
    Candance Gilberstadt, Yr2

    Thesis: Mother – Child Planning: Microgenetic Changes in Maternal Instruction as a Function of  Task   Goals


    Perez, S. & Gilberstadt, C. W. (2017). Mother – Child Planning: Microgenetic Changes in

    Maternal Instruction as a Function of Task Goals. Poster session presentation at the SRCD 2017 Biennial meeting, Austin, Texas. 

    Perez, S., & Gilberstadt. C. W. (2016). Relations among Children’s Planning, Emotional

    Self- Regulation, and Maternal Emotion Socialization. Poster session presented at the Society for Research and Human Development 20th Biennial Conference, Denver, Colorado.


  • Angel Kalafatis
    Angel Kalafatis, Yr2

     Research Interests: I am interested in the intersections between identity, personality, and behavior, specifically in regards to alternative sexuality and lifestyles. I am also interested in self-monitoring, sexual identity, and close relationships.

    Advisor: Dr. Christopher Leone


    Kalafatis, A. R., Hawkins, L., Leone, C., and Krusemark, D.  (2015) Ingroup/Outgroup bias or shared stereotypes: Perception of men versus women, heterosexuals versus gays/lesbians. Society of Southeastern Social Psychologists (Poster).


    Kalafatis, A. R. and Leedy, A. D. (2015) Fifty shades of rape: The ambiguity of consent. Showcase of Osprey Advancements in Research & Scholarship   (winner Osprey Student Scholar award)

  • Nathan Kawczynski
    Nathan Kawczynski, Yr2
     Research Interests: Adolescent Development, Mood Disorders in Adolescents and Young Adults

    Advisor: Dr. Wolff
  • Alexus Lepere
    Alexus Lepere, Yr2
     Research Interest: I am interested in cognitive and neuropsychology, more specifically how learning disabilities affect memory.

    Advisor: Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway
  • Dominique Levert
    Dominique Levert, Yr2


    Thesis: Attrition Rates in Behavioral Parent Training Programs: School-based studies 

  • Dominic Mercurio
    Dominic Mercurio, Yr2

    Thesis: Testing a mediation model for stereotype threat and women in STEM  


    Mercurio, D., Brown, E., Smith, J., Allen, J., & Thoman, D. (2016). The Peer Network: Peers Communicating the Altruistic Value of Science Increases Students’ Science Motivation. Poster presented at the 28 th annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science (APS), Chicago, USA. 



    Baird, N., Hoelzel, K., Mercurio, D., Vazquez, E., Molina, D., Krause, J., & Darby, R. (2016) Jealousy and Envy in the Workplace. Poster presentation at 62nd Southeastern Psychology Association Convention (SEPA), New Orleans, USA.   

  • Brett Michael
    Brett Michael, Yr2
     Research Interests: Behavioral parent training, applied behavior analysis, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental psychopathology.

    Advisor: Dr. Angela Mann
  • Megan Morris
    Megan Morris, Yr2
     Research Interests: My research interests include applying human psychology to animal behavior studies. Specifically, analyzing the behavior of captive mammals in zoological institutions to improve welfare and conservation.

    Advisor: Dr. Terry Maple
  • Rebecca Mott
    Rebecca Mott, Yr2
    Research Interests: My research interests are: Peer Perceptions of ASD, Non-Suicidal self-injury, and Benefits of Service Learning in College

    Advisor: Dr. Angela Mann
  • Mikaela Raley
    Mikaela Raley, Yr2

    Thesis: Social Connectedness vs. Social Support: Which is a better predictor of health outcomes in the military student population?


    Raley, M.J., Bueno, J.S., Lange, L.J. & Copeland, J. (2016).  Social Connectedness Trumps Social Support in Predicting Depression . Poster presented at the 28th Association for Psychological Science (APS) Annual Convention, Chicago, IL.


  • Jourdan Rodak
    Jourdan Rodak, Yr2
    Research Interests: My main area of interest is in Clinical Psychology. More specifically, the factors which can cause Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans and the various methods which are used to alleviate this condition, and the physical, environmental and interpersonal factors influencing Drug Addiction.

    Advisor: Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway
  • Michael Rodreguez
    Michael Rodriquez, Yr2
     Research Interests: School Psychology, Working with LGBTQ adolescents and teens on issues such as: generalized anxiety, social phobias, social anxiety, and depression. I am also interested in Self-Disclosure.

    Advisor: Dr. Angela Mann
  • Brett Wallace
    Brett Wallace, Yr2
     Research Interests: My primary research interest is how cognitive and clinical psychology interacts with each other. More specifically, I am interested in how anxiety, OCD, trauma, and autism affect working memory and attention.

    Advisor: Dr. Tracy Packiam Alloway