Biomedical Pre-Professional Recommendation Portfolio

General Information

The UNF Biomedical Pre-Professional Program has developed a centralized evaluation service to help UNF pre-professional students assemble a recommendation portfolio that will be valued by admission committees. Faculty members, mentors, and supervisors of volunteer work may all contribute to a student's portfolio. Copies of the portfolio are sent to professional schools of the student's choice by the Biomedical Pre-Professional Office. Included with the copies is a composite evaluation required by many professional schools.


Use of The UNF Biomedical Pre-Professional Program centralized evaluation service is voluntary. A student may instead elect to request his/her evaluators to send individual letters of recommendation directly to each school. One advantage of using the service is that faculty, mentors, and volunteer supervisors need fill out only one form or write one letter. Another is that a student may update the list of schools to which his/her portfolio is to be sent with a single communication to the Biomedical office.


Submitting a strong recommendation portfolio in a timely manner requires careful coordination and close attention to detail. Students who take advantage of UNF's centralized evaluation service should seek guidance from the Biomedical advisor well in advance of application deadlines and should work closely with the advisor during the submission process.


Nearly all health profession schools now require letters of evaluation to be submitted electronically as pdf files. The UNF Biomedical Pre-Professional Program will handle all conversions of letters to electronic format. Some programs offer direct electronic submission of letters by evaluators. For allopathic and osteopathic medical schools, UNF is using Virtual Evals LLC as an electronic submission service.


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