Course Planning

Pre-Law is not a major or a minor. Aspiring law students should choose an undergraduate major based upon their interests and talents. to best prepare for the LSAT and law school, students should incorporate recommended courses which develop critical thinking, logic, reading, and writing skills.   


The Pre-Law Program encourages students to take at least one logic course before their first LSAT exam. 


 Pre-Law Recommended Courses. Logic, reading, and writing skills are critical to the LSAT, law school and law practice success. Highly recommended courses are PHI 2100: Critical Thinking, PHI 2101: Introduction to Logic, and LIT 3213/4: The Art of Critical Reading and Writing 1 or 2. Other recommended courses are POS 3691: American Legal system, POS 3691: The U.S. Supreme Court, and AMH 2020: U.S. History since 1877. Statistics or another upper level math as well as research methods are recommended depending on your major. Law related courses include POS 4608/4624: Constitutional Law 1/2, CJL 4310/4111: Criminal Law and Procedures 1/2. BUL 3130/4350: The Legal Environment of Business/Business Law 2. Students are not required to take law-related courses for admission to law school. Law school admissions do not favor students whose transcripts are law-related course heavy. Law schools seek students from any major with high GPAs, solid LSAT scores, and a demonstrated record of community engagement.