Advances in Dirac and Weyl Materials Workshop 


funded, in part by, 

 The Institute for Materials Science at Los Alamos National Laboratory,

The Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, and

The University of North Florida 



Location: Jacksonville Beach, Florida 

1515 First St. N  
Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250  

Dates: December 13th - 15th, 2017

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Important Dates


Talk and Poster Abstract Submission Open: July 1st, 2017 

 Talk and Poster Abstract Submission Deadline: November 3rd, 2017 

Hotel Group Rate Deadline: November 12th, 2017 


Registration Deadline: November 12th, 2017 


This workshop will examine and discuss the recent theoretical, computational, and experimental discoveries and challenges in the area of Dirac and Weyl materials. Recent  progress  in the field of Dirac and Weyl materials  has been taking the field of quantum materials in new directions.  We now witness a rapid adoption of concepts of Dirac and Weyl materials in diverse fields of materials science and physics including semimetals, cold atoms, as well as systems hosting bosonic and magnetic excitations with nodal structures. We also see new experimental realizations of artificial Dirac and Weyl materials based on the intercalation of heterostructures. An important development in the field is the new ideas on time dynamics of quantum and Dirac materials that open up possibilities of temporal control of these materials.  

The overall purpose and goal of this workshop is to bring together the researchers to share the most recent and exciting ideas and results in the rapidly evolving field of Dirac and Weyl materials. 



Organizing Committee:

Jason T. Haraldsen (University of North Florida) 

Alexander V. Balatsky (Los Alamos National Laboratory and NORDITA) 


Workshop Associates

Trevor Cheatham (University of North Florida)

Caryll Pearlman-Blount (Los Alamos National Laboratory)


Invited Speakers


Alexander Balatsky (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA and NORDITA, Sweden) - Overview of Dirac and Weyl Materials
Jason Haraldsen (University of North Florida, USA) - Evolution of magnetic Dirac bosons in a honeycomb lattice
R. Matthias Geilhufe (Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Sweden) - Symmetry analysis of odd- and even-frequency superconducting gap symmetries for time-reversal symmetric interactions
Anton Burkov (University of Waterloo, Canada) - Transport in topological metals 
Jose Mendoza-Cortes (National High Magnetic Field Laboratory/Florida State University, USA) - Dirac cone in two dimensional bilayer graphene by intercalation of transition metals 
Shi Ming (Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland) - Distinct evolutions of Weyl fermions and Fermi arcs in Weyl semi-metals 
Yoonseok Lee (University of Florida, USA) - Excitations in topological superfluid 3He 

Alexey Belyanin (Texas A&M University, USA) - Optics and plasmonics of Dirac and Weyl fermions 

Gayanath Fernando (University of Connecticut, USA) - Layered structures from nanoribbons to organic salts: Symmetry breaking, transport, and topology

Madhab Neupane (University of Central Florida, USA) - Experimental realization of Weyl semimetals

 Avadh Saxena (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA) - Geometry and Topological Effects in Graphene Nanoribbons and PT-Symmetric Kagome Lattices

Dmitri Maslov (University of Florida, USA) - A Fermi liquid with a (spin-orbit) twist

Sanjoy Mahatha (Aarhus University, Denmark) - Experimental 3D band structure in different phases of 1T-TaS2

James Hamlin (University of Florida, USA) - Dirac and Weyl materials at high and ultra-high pressures


More Titles to be Announced 
Invited Talks will be 40 mins  + 5 mins for Q and A   


 Contributing Speakers 


Jed Pixley (Rutgers University, USA) - The effects of short range disorder on semimetallicity and topology in Weyl materials

Yuanchen Deng (North Carolina State University, USA) - Observation of zone folding induced acoustic topological insulators and the role of spin-mixing defects

Yasufumi Araki (Tohoku University, Japan) - Skyrmion-induced anomalous Hall conductivity on topological insulator surfaces

Timo Schumann (University of California Santa Barbara, USA) - Observation of the quantum Hall effect in confined films of the three-dimensional Dirac semimetal Cd3As2

Alexander Zyuzin (Aalto University, Finland) - Anomalous transport properties of titled Weyl semimetals

Laura Classen (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA) - Fluctuation-induced second-order transition and quantum criticality in Dirac semimetals

Charlotte Sanders (Aarhus University, Denmark) - Toward practical realization of valley control in single-layer transition metal dichalcogenides

Xiang Hu (College of William and Mary, USA) - Proximity induced superconductivity on the surface of nodal line Weyl semimetals

Maitri Warusawithana (University of North Florida, USA)

More Speakers and Titles to be Announced 
Contributing Talks will be 15 mins  + 5 mins for Q and A


Registration Options 


$300 - Registration Fee

$700 - Registration Fee + Lodging (4 nights at the Hampton Inn)

Registration covers three lunches and dinners are provided during the workshop


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Registration Payment

Hotel rates for individual booking

Non-Ocean View Room - $129.00 / night

Partial Ocean View Room - $149.00 / night

Oceanfront Room - $169.00 / night


Hampton Inn Jacksonville Beach/Oceanfront


Any guests that have a State or Federal Government employee with proof of proper ID at check-in may book their reservations by calling the hotel directly at 904-241-2311 or at jacksonvillebeachoceanfront.hamptonin.com 


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