2016 Music Camp - FAQs 


Who is eligible to attend camp?
Students who have been playing symphonic and/or band instruments for at least one year and who are entering 7th grade through high school graduates. This year we will have a middle school and high school camp happening concurrently. Campers in the middle school camp are expected to be able to perform 7 major scales (as listed on the audition page) and high school students will be expected to performed the listed prepared material and all 12 major scales.

Will I have to audition at camp?
Yes. All students attending the UNF Summer Music Camp will audition upon arrival for band chair placement and jazz band placement if applicable. All campers can participate in both types of large ensembles. Advanced improvisers may also audition separately for the camp Jazz Combos. Classical small groups are also available.

Why do I have to audition?
All students will be placed in an ensemble with other students at or near their level of playing ability. This will make the ensembles sound better and also helps the director to select appropriate music.

What will I play on the audition?
All students will be asked to play major scales and to sight-read. We want to hear that you know your scales and listen to your tone quality and range. You will be given a short excerpt to sight-read.

What else will I do at camp?
All campers will have daily masterclasses for their instruments and will take music theory class. Campers will also choose from a host of electives including: conducting, music technology, chamber music (small groups), jazz history and styles, and beginning piano. Each evening, extended-day and overnight campers will be treated to a faculty concert and will have the opportunity to perform for their fellow campers as well.

Is this a safe environment for my son/daughter?
Absolutely. All camp faculty and staff go through a rigorous screening process and campers will be monitored at all time. Camp staff will also be available by phone for parents to call should a problem arise.

How’s the food?
The food is awesome! Campers will dine at the Osprey Café, a buffet-style dining facility on campus that caters to all dietary needs, including vegetarian, gluten-free, etc…

Can I room with somebody I know?
Yes. If you know who you plan to room with in advance, list your desired roommate on your camp application. If not, arrange for your roommate to check in to the dorm at the same time and tell the counselor whom you want to room with. You may also e-mail Dr. Bovenzi with your roommate request.

Do I have to play in a jazz band?
No. You will be asked which ensembles you prefer when you audition.

Do I have to play in a band/large ensemble?
Yes. Performing in a large ensemble is an important part of musical development. If your camper does not play a band instrument (jazz rhythm section only) then they will be exempt from playing in a large ensemble.

Do I have to take a music theory placement test?
Yes, the camp offers three or more levels of music theory. We want to place you with other students at or near your level of theory ability. High school camp only.

I play first chair at home and I was placed in a lower band. What gives?
Ensemble selection and chair placement rely a great deal on sight-reading. Because of time constraints we cannot spend a large amount of time with each student. The auditions are fair because each student is given the same amount of time and the same excerpt to read. The bands have a short amount of time to prepare for Friday’s concert and we need players of similar ability to make up each band.

I am in a class that is too hard/easy. Can I change classes?
Yes. We want you to feel comfortable.

I am in a band that I feel is too hard/easy. Can I change bands?
It is not easy for us to place you in a different band because of the instrumentation requirements of the ensembles. It is unfair to the other players to shift students who earned their chairs via audition.

What is a jazz combo?
A combo is a small jazz ensemble typically consisting of piano, bass, drums, guitar, trumpet, trombone and saxophone.

Can I play in a jazz combo?
There are a limited number of combo positions available. We are limited by the amount of rhythm sections attending the camp and playing ability. We do not feel it educationally sound to pair beginning rhythm sections with advanced horn players or vice versa. Combo is for advanced players and improvisers. See the Jazz Combo audition requirements on the camp website.

Why can’t I play in a band or a combo with my friends from my school?
To be fair to you and the other students, we have to rely the judgment of the faculty member that listened to the audition. Part of the fun of the camp is getting to know students from other schools. Lifelong friendships are made each year at the camp.

Can I leave campus to have dinner with a friend?
No. You can only leave with a parent or immediate family member. You must also check out with the camp director or head counselor.

Can I invite non-camper friends to hang out with me at the evening concerts?
Non-campers have no business being at UNF during the week of camp. They will be asked to leave.

What do I do if I play more than one instrument?
Unlike other music camps, we allow students to play more than one instrument. You will need to audition on each instrument that you want to play. Since jazz bands meet at the same time, you need to decide which instrument you prefer for jazz band. If you notify us in advance, you can attend different master classes on different days. For example; if a student plays saxophone and clarinet, they may attend saxophone class one day and clarinet class on another. They will play saxophone in a jazz band and clarinet in symphonic band. They can bring either instrument to improvisation class. Be sure to list your secondary instrument on your camp application!

Can I bring my cell phone with me to camp and use it during the day?
Yes and no. You may bring your cell phone to camp and use it before and after daily activities. Cell phones are not permitted during camp courses and ensemble rehearsals. If you have a problem at camp, tell a counselor, don’t call someone far away!