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zDrumline playing outside Fine Arts Center


Paige DeDecker and Jeff Upshaw, coordinators

The Drumline is one of the many ensembles affiliated with the School of Music. It consists of students from across the university and is open to both music majors and percussionists who desire to continue performing throughout college. The Drumline maintains a visible performance schedule on and off campus, including sporting events, commencement, TV appearances, recruitment tours, and performances in conjunction with the percussion studio. 


The Drumline is coordinated by a graduate teaching assistant from the percussion department. Auditions are held at the beginning of each fall semester for the academic school year and are open to all enrolled UNF students. 


For information about the Drumline, including auditions and inquiries about booking for events, email or visit on Facebook


For more information about the Percussion department, see here‚Äč or visit on Facebook.

Audition Requirements

Students interested in auditioning will be asked to play on a variety of drums, please be sure to review all parts so members can be assigned to the Drumline as needed. See Audition Packet here.