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Photo of recording board in studio

Certificate of Music Technology

Eligibility: Students in any major. Courses in this certificate program require department permission for registration. Course registration priority will be given to students enrolled in the BM in music Technology and Production degree track. 


Suggestion: Students who do not have a background in reading music and basic music theory should enroll in MUT1011: Fundamentals of Music, before taking the remaining certificate courses.

Certificate of Music Technology (12 credits)
MUT 1011   Fundamentals of Music       3
MUS 3340 Computer MIDI Score       2
MUM 1630 Introduction to Digital Audio       1
MUM 4613 Music Studio Recording Tech       3
MUM 4636 Audio for Media Applications       3
Choose one of the following courses (3 credits) 

MUM 2634 

Digital Audio Production 


MUM 1620  

Audio and Acoustics 


MUM 4729 

Electronic Music Production Techniques 



*May be exempted through a proficiency screening