Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies

The Jazz Studies curriculum prepares students for a life in music. Graduates hold positions in all aspects of the music industry, including performing in the nation’s top professional military ensembles, composing and arranging for the industry’s leading artists, touring internationally, and serving as leading pedagogues in music education. 


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Great American Jazz Series

A special component of the UNF Jazz Studies Program is the Great American Jazz Series, which regularly brings in stellar jazz artists as residents. This series, along with other opportunities, has enabled Jazz Ensemble 1 and 2 to perform in concert with more than 100 esteemed artists, such as Herbie Hancock, The Count Basie Orchestra, Joe Henderson, Pat Metheny, Michael Brecker, Dave Brubeck, Joe Williams, Dianne Reeves, Louie Bellson, Dr. Billy Taylor, Arturo Sandoval, Jimmy Heath, Wynton Marsalis, Branford Marsalis, Kurt Elling, Doc Severinsen, among others. For a complete list from 1989 to present, click here

Audition Requirements

Sight-reading is required for live auditions only. Students submitting a taped audition should include a performance as a part of a jazz ensemble, either big band or combo (preferably both). The faculty reserves the right to decline any application if the auditionee is not prepared in the specified requirements.  

  1. Demonstrate ability to improvise and play with a rhythm section.
  2. Three different selections (one must be a ballad) in different jazz styles, moods and tempos.
  3. Sight-reading. 

Bass, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet and Voice

  1. Auditionees should prepare as many of the following scales as possible: Major, Minor (natural, harmonic, melodic), and Jazz (modes, diminished scales, whole tone scales, blues scales, etc.). 
  2. Auditionees should prepare two transcriptions or etudes in contrasting jazz styles. Vocalists should prepare two contrasting tunes. It is helpful to demonstrate ability at faster and slower tempos. 
  3. Auditionees may be asked to improvise on Blues (F, Bb, or other keys), Rhythm Changes (F, Bb, or other keys), and/or Jazz Standards. Auditionees should bring their own play-a-long CDs. 
  4. Students who play multiple instruments should demonstrate their proficiency on the secondary instrument. One brief prepared piece or étude on each secondary instrument is sufficient.  
  5. Piano and guitar players should demonstrate their ability to use various chord voicings.  

Jazz Guitar


All jazz guitar applicants are required to submit a video recording for prescreening purposes in order to receive an invitation to a live audition in Jacksonville. The recording must include all of the repertoire as listed below. Recordings may be mailed or uploaded to DropBox or an equivalent cloud sharing platform. It is not required that the format be a professional or studio recording, but the sound quality must be good quality. Repertoire for the prescreening recording must demonstrate the ability to improvise and play with a rhythm section, using a live band or play-along recording. 

  1. Required piece (must be first on the recording): the 12-Bar Blues piece, Billie’s Bounce in medium tempo (minimum of four improvised choruses).
  2. Perform three other selections (one must be a ballad) in different jazz styles, moods and tempos (minimum of two improvised choruses for each selection). 
  3. Demonstrate “comping” on a standard song of your choice. 
  4. Original compositions should not be included. 

Applicants who pass the prescreening portion of the audition will be invited for a live audition in Jacksonville. All auditions are approximately 10 minutes in length. Each applicant chooses his/her first work, and the faculty will choose a second and possibly third work from the audition repertoire list provided by the applicant. In addition to the audition tune list that applicants will submit to the panel (three tunes for undergraduates, ten tunes for graduates), all applicants must bring an additional typed list of their entire jazz repertoire to the panel (one copy is sufficient). Rhythm section and amplifiers will be provided. Applicants must provide music for the rhythm section. Play-along recordings are not acceptable for a live audition. The requirements are as follows:   


  1. Demonstrate ability to improvise and play with a rhythm section. 
  2. Three different selections (one must be a ballad) in different jazz styles, moods and tempos. 
  3. Sight-reading.