International Studies Study Abroad Requirement

International Educational Experience

All International Studies majors are required to undertake an international educational experience - commonly known as the "study abroad requirement" - in order to fully prepare them for careers that may take them all over the world. Study abroad and other international educational experiences enable students to experience firsthand other cultures and customs; gain independence, pride, and self-confidence through adapting to different environments; gain a better appreciation for the U.S.; and become prepared to be global citizens.


Long-term study abroad programs are the most valuable international educational experiences. However, recognizing that UNF students have different lives and different responsibilities, the International Studies Program allows students to meet this requirement in a variety of ways, including:

  • Short-term UNF faculty-led study abroad programs (usually ranging in length from 10 days to 4 weeks);
  • Semester- or year-long exchange programs at UNF exchange partner universities;
  • Study abroad at other UNF-approved universities, colleges, or language programs (short- or long-term); and
  • Internships abroad.

Study Abroad Opportunities

For more information on study abroad opportunities available through UNF: