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 Natasha Voss

What is International Studies?

International Studies is an academic field that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries, drawing on areas across the social sciences and Humanities to ask questions about today's increasingly interconnected world. 



Students pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at UNF explore the political and economic structures and cultural dynamics that shape today's global system. 


How is this major unique?

Flexibility: Students choose from coursework across numerous disciplines, allowing them to customize the degree according to their own academic and professional interests.  


Hand-on Experience: Students learn in context, and put their learning into practice, through study abroad and internships.

Advising and Mentoring: A diverse community of faculty, staff, graduate students and alumni help students find academic and professional direction. 

Research: The International Studies degree places emphasis on research, as a way to both prepare students for graduate study and to help them develop the information literacy and high-level communication and critical thinking skills needed in today's professional fields.

Compatibility: Students can combine International Studies with other majors to gain specialized knowledge and skills in particular content areas. 


Accessibility: The major has no formal prerequisites (some individual courses may), and its flexible structure helps students studying full-time to finish in a timely fashion. 

 Marcelo Santos de Rezende



Who are the students in this major?

The students in International Studies share an interest in language, culture, and travel. They tend to be creative thinkers and adapt well to new situations. Some have clear plans for the future and others are still exploring their options. 


Because International Studies emphasizes critical thinking, problem-solving skills and cross-cultural competence, the major is sound preparation for a variety of careers, and can be an appropriate major for students who are unsure of the direction they would like to pursue.   


To learn more about some of those who are currently in the program, see Student/Alumni News.  

What kind of graduate programs can I get into?

Recent graduates from our program have entered a variety of professional fields. For a list of examples, see  Graduate School.  


What careers can I have?

Recent graduates from our program have entered a variety of professional fields. For a list of examples, see Careers and Employment.


 Andrea Word

Photos: Students presenting at the Spring 2016 and Fall 2016 International Studies Senior Seminar Research Exhibits in the Thomas G. Carpenter Library.