The individuals listed on this page are some—but by no means all—of those who contribute to the intellectual life and administrative functioning of the program, as well as to the success of our students.



Katie Arroyo Katie Arroyo, International Trade Specialist, Florida Small Business Development Center at UNF, and Advisory Committee member
Chris Baynard Christopher Baynard, Associate Professor of Geography and GIS, and Advisory Committee member
Mina Lutz Baliamoune Mina Baliamoune, Professor of Economics and Advisory Committee member
Abbie Bernet 3 Abbie Bernet, education and community outreach officer at the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville, and member, Alumni Council 
 Mary Bishop  Mary Bishop, Master of Public Health Graduate Program Liaison

 Trevor Cheatham Trevor Cheatham, Master of Arts in International Affairs Graduate Program Liaison
Patrick Chung Patrick Chung, Assistant Professor of History, and Advisory Committee member
 Nicholas De Villiers Nicholas de Villiers, Associate Professor of English and Film, and Advisory Committee member
Yousra Hebeishy Yousra Hebeishy, business analyst for Advent|SS&C, and member, Alumni Council
 Lauren Hodge Lauren Hodge, study abroad advisor, International Center
David Jaffee David Jaffee, Professor of Sociology, and Advisory Committee member
Ronald Kephart Ronald Kephart, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Advisory Committee member
 David Kersey David Kersey, academic advisor, COAS Academic Advising, and Advisory Committee member 
 Alyssa Kyff Alyssa Kyff, study abroad advisor, International Business Flagship Program
Ruth Lopez Ruth Lopez, director, International Center, and Advisory Committee member 
 Grant Matthews Grant Matthews, Peace Corps Regional Recruiter and Returned Volunteer, Romania (2011-2013)
Sarah Mattice 3 Sarah Mattice, Associate Professor of Philosophy, and Advisory Committee member
 Clayton McCarl 3 Clayton McCarl, Associate Professor of Spanish and Director, International Studies Program
 Lauren Newton 2 Lauren Newton, Head of Instruction, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, and Advisory Committee member
Beth Pupke 2 Beth Pupke, Workforce Development Coordinator for JAXUSA Partnership, and member, Alumni Council
 Amy Radetsky Amy Radetsky, US Department of State Diplomat in Residence
Nataliya Roman Nataliya Roman, Assistant Professor of Communication, and Advisory Committee member
 Caitlyn Roykovich Caitlyn Roykovich, Master in Public Administration Graduate Program Liaison
Katie Sarria 2 Katie Sarria, Academic Advisor, and Advisory Committee member
Alissa Shaw Alissa Shaw, Research Manager, MECLABS Institute Global MBA (2013) Graduate Program Liaison
David Schwam-Baird David Schwam-Baird, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Advisory Committee member


 Vivian Senior Vivian Senior, Associate Director, COAS Career Success Center
Chris Trice Chris Trice, Associate Professor of Photography (Department of Art and Design), and Advisory Committee member
 Rebecca Weiner Rebecca Weiner, International Studies Program Social Media and Marketing Assistant
Liz Wondell 2 Liz Wondell, Director of COAS Academic Advising
Stephanie Worley   Stephanie Worley, Master of Arts in International Affairs Graduate Program Liaison