Lecture Series 



Fall 2016 Lecture Series Poster


Fall 2016  

 “Contested Spaces” 


9/9, Noon–1:15 P.M. Insecurities, Fundamentalism and Nationalism in India, Pakistan and the Periphery  

Sucheta Pyakuryal, Assistant Professor of Political Science. Building 58W/Room 3804. 


9/23, Noon–1:30 P.M.  Authenticity and Appropriation: Culture as Contested Space 

Panelists: Brandi Denison, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies; Sarah Caissie Provost, Assistant Professor of Musicology; and Ben Thompson, Deputy Director, MOCA Jacksonville. Building 58W/Room 3804. 


9/30, Noon–1:15 P.M. Reterritorializing the Spaces of Violence in Medellín through Urban Art  

Constanza López, Associate Professor of Spanish. Building 58W/Room 3804. 


10/7, Noon–1:15 P.M. Spaces of Memory and Silence: Misunderstanding the Tragedy at Malangali, Tanzania (rescheduled for Spring 2017, due to Hurricane Matthew)

Chau Johnsen Kelly, Assistant Professor of History. Building 51/Room 1205. 


10/21, Noon–1:30 P.M. Contested Spaces: Gender, Sexuality and Rights in a Global Context  

 A discussion with a panel of UNF students, moderated by Nicholas de Villiers, Associate Professor of English and Film. Cosponsored by the UNF LGBT Resource Center. Building 58W/Room 3804. 


10/28, Noon–1:15 P.M. “The Variety of Your Tongues and Colors”: Borders and Identities in a Post-ISIS Middle East 

David Schwam-Baird, Associate Professor of Political Science. Building 51/Room 1205. 


11/18, Noon–1:15 P.M. Women and Globalization: Do Women Gain and How? 

Mina Baliamoune, Professor of Economics. Building 51/Room 1205. 


12/2, 1:30–2:45 P.M. Senior Seminar Student Research Exhibit  

Thomas G. Carpenter Library, first floor.