International Mondays

International Mondays is a series of informal conversations about the world today, conducted in various languages, with guests from across the UNF campus and the North Florida area. All are welcome, including native/heritage speakers and language learners at all levels. International Mondays is project of the International Studies Program, in partnership with the International Business Flagship Program, the International Center and the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.  

International Mondays Fall 2017 Poster

Fall 2017


All events are on Mondays, 11:00 am–noon, in 10/2245.   


8/28 Textos visuales cubanos contemporáneos: una perspectiva de género

A conversation with Julia Grecia Portela Ponce de León, art historian, art critic, curator, and professor from Havana (ISA-Universidad de las Artes, Facultad de Artes Visuales). Moderated by Alison Bruey, associate professor of history.

9/18 Perspectivas sobre la España de hoy
Nuria Ibáñez, associate professor of Spanish, and student participants from the Summer 2017 Semester Abroad program in Santander 
10/2 Reflexiones sobre un viaje a las minas y viñedos de Chile: la sostenibilidad y el comercio internacional
Chris Baynard, associate professor of geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
10/16 中国的新节日
Yongan Wu, associate professor of Chinese
10/30 Le nationalisme: autrefois et aujourd’hui
A round table conversation moderated by international studies major Tamlynn Torchon, with faculty panelists Pat Geesey, professor of French and chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures; David Schwam-Baird, associate professor of political science and director, Master of Arts in International Affairs program; Shira Schwam-Baird, professor of French; and Rosa de Jorio, associate professor of anthropology 
11/6 El profiling racial y étnico de los inmigrantes hispanos en los Estados Unidos
Ruth López, director of the UNF International Center, with a panel of international students  
11/20 Repas en France, nourriture et interactions sociales
Nathan Kunz, assistant professor of operations management, and special guest Sara Kunz 
11/27 Los medios de comunicación y los estereotipos sobre los colombianos
A conversation moderated by international studies/political science major Ana Ortiz and international studies/philosophy major Laura Ortiz 


 International Mondays Poster Spring 2017 2


Spring 2017  


All events are on Mondays, 11:00 am–noon, in 10/2245. 



2/20 Ser jóven e hispano en la época de Trump

(Being Young and Hispanic in the Trump Era)

An open conversation moderated by 2016 UNF graduate Saúl Grajeda (International Studies/Spanish) and Sarah Rosen (International Studies/Spanish)


2/27 La inmigración y la experiencia del género

(Immigration and the Experience of Gender)

A panel discussion moderated by Constanza López, Associate Professor of Spanish, with current/former UNF students Aitana Arguedas (Political Science), Saúl Grajeda (International Studies/Spanish), and Ricder Ricardo (Art and Design/Printmaking). Cosponsored by the UNF LGBT Resource Center


3/6 Impunidad y democracia en América Latina

(Impunity and Democracy in Latin America)

Alison Bruey, Associate Professor of History


3/13 用中文讲政治笑话:有的不是真的

(Telling Political Jokes in Chinese: Some are Not Real)

Yongan Wu, Associate Professor of Chinese


4/3 Don Quijote en Manhattan: ecos cervantinos en el cine de Woody Allen

(Don Quixote in Manhattan: Echoes of Cervantes in the Cinema of Woddy Allen)

Ángeles Fernández Cifuentes, Associate Professor of Spanish


4/17 Table ronde sur la présidentielle 2017

(Round Table on the 2017 Presidential Elections)

A discussion moderated by David Schwam-Baird, Associate Professor of Political Science, and Director, Master of Arts in International Affairs Program


International Mondays, Fall 2016





Fall 2016 


 All events are on Mondays, 11:00 am–noon, in 10/2245. 


 10/3 El estado de las economías latinoamericanas

(The State of Latin American Economies)

Andrés Gallo, Professor of Economics and Director, International Business Flagship Program


 10/17 Una conversación con la poeta afrocolombiana Marta Quiñónez

(A Conversation with Afro-Colombian poet Marta Quiñónez)


 10/31 Réinstallation des réfugiés aux États-Unis  
(Refugee Resettlement in the United States)

Frances Luna, Refugee Resettlement Job Developer, Diocese of St. Augustine Refugee Settlement Program


 11/7 La importancia de la Lengua de Señas Mexicana para la comunidad sorda de México

(The Importance of Mexican Sign Language for the Deaf Community in Mexico)

 Anne Pfister, Assistant Professor of Anthropology 


11/21 关于有争议的海和岛:中国新民族主义近年来的发展

(About Disputed Seas and Islands: Recent Development of China's Neo-Nationalism)

Yongan Wu, Associate Professor of Chinese