Foreign Language Requirement


The following text was approved by the UNF Faculty Association on January 26, 2017, as part of APC package.201608-43. This language applies to students entering UNF in catalog year 2017-2018 and later. Students who entered during a previous catalog year should consult the catalog archives for the appropriate language. In most cases, however, the language below, will function for all students, as it is largely a clarification of established, but previously undocumented policies.

The language underlined below reflect proposed changes to this policy, made 11/30/2017, which have not yet been formally approved. These modifications should be considered effective immediately, however, as they do not change the spirit of this policy and reflect current practice. This language has been added to prevent problems for students that can have financial consequences and in some cases have been known to result in delayed graduation dates.

Students pursuing the BA in International Studies must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in a language other than English. To do so, three options exist:


  1. A student may pass a two-course 1000-level beginning language sequence (eight credits total) and a two-course 2000-level intermediate sequence (six credits total) at UNF, passing all courses with a C or higher.

    Students with previous experience in Chinese, French or Spanish may be able to skip courses, and optionally receive retroactive credit by passing a more advanced course. For more information, contact the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, or see the policy on Placement and Retroactive Credit in French, Spanish, and Chinese, elsewhere in this catalog.

    Students who choose to pursue language coursework at an institution other than UNF, whether in the US or abroad, must consult beforehand with their advisor and the chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures to ensure that credits will transfer and to complete any necessary paperwork.

    Students who desire to complete this requirement with any language other than Chinese, French or Spanish (including German) should first meet with the director of the International Studies program and the chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures to discuss course availability and to acquire the needed permission, granted via the form titled "Request for Permission to Fulfill International Studies Language Requirement with a Language Other than Chinese, French or Spanish."

  2. Students with existing proficiency in Chinese, French or Spanish may meet this requirement by completing one 3000-level course taught in the respective language at UNF with a grade of C or higher.

    Students who satisfy the language requirement in this fashion may be able to count the upper-level course in question as an elective for the INS major, and may optionally receive credit for one of the intermediate-level courses skipped. See the policy on Placement and Retroactive Credit in French, Spanish, and Chinese for details.

  3. A student desiring to demonstrate existing proficiency in a language not taught through the 3000-level at UNF may meet this language requirement by achieving a qualifying score on a standardized assessment tool, as deemed appropriate by the director of International Studies, in consultation with the chair of Languages, Literatures and Cultures, and with the student assuming responsibility for any related costs. No credit will be awarded in this scenario.


Students are expected to begin language coursework or make other arrangements for the completion of this requirement during their first semester after declaring the major in International Studies. 


This requirement is oriented toward the demonstration of a minimum competency for language learning, and students should realize that intermediate-level language skills, and the degree of cultural fluency that can be gained in four semesters of language coursework, are generally not sufficient for the professional situations in which those pursuing this degree may find themselves. International Studies students therefore are encouraged to minor or double-major in a foreign language. A minor in Chinese, French or Spanish at UNF requires three courses beyond the intermediate level, and those double-majoring in French Studies or Spanish may count up to 12 upper-level credits towards both degrees.


The language requirement may be waived for students who can provide evidence of having completed high school outside the US at an institution in which English was not the language of instruction. No credit will be awarded in such cases.


By “language other than English” this policy refers to languages used today for human communication. Students with questions regarding acceptable languages should contact the program director.