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Information for Faculty and Staff


Faculty and staff are welcome at all the events we sponsor or co-sponsor, including our Lecture Series, International Mondays, our Graduate Student Research Series, the International Politics Discussion Group, our special events, as well as our workshops and information sessions. We publish a combined calendar of all our events on Facebook.


We regularly share information about events and opportunities, as well as the activities of our students and alumni, on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) and through our Canvas group, which is open to all. 


Promoting Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs 

We are happy to help faculty promote their study abroad programs. For details, please see our description of the information we need.


Opportunities for Collaboration

We are always looking for ways to bring new opportunities to our diverse, interdisciplinary population of students through innovative collaborations, including with academic areas across campus that have not historically been part of the International Studies Program.  

Information for Lecture Series Presenters

Our page of information for lecture series presenters may be useful to the faculty, staff, and others who have been invited to speak.



Please contact Clayton McCarl, director of the International Studies Program, for more information.