Careers in International Studies

Career Planning

Students majoring in International Studies have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills useful in a broad range of international, government, business, academic, and non-governmental careers. The major's required language study and international educational experience provide practical skills and first-hand knowledge that employers find attractive.

Through their courses, International Studies students can develop valuable skills, such as: ability to solve problems, ability to conduct research, strong intercultural understanding, ability to make an argument, and proficiency in a language.

Career Paths

Potential career paths for students graduating with a degree in International Studies include:

  • U.S. Foreign Service Officer
  • Congressional Staffer
  • Customs or Immigration Officer
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Government Relations Officer
  • Legislative or Regulatory Analyst
  • Translator
  • International Research Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Pollster
  • University Professor

For more information on careers with an International Studies degree, contact UNF Career Services.