Writing Center Skype Sessions

Not everyone can make it to campus when our tutors are available, so we offer a variety of availability via Skype. You can use the below button to schedule a Skype tutoring session.



When you make your meeting, if you forget to include your Skype ID, your tutor will be unable to meet you. Take a moment now to make sure you know your Skype ID to avoid any connection issues.



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Skype Directions

1. After you make your meeting, add "unfwritingcenter" in Skype to your contacts list.

2. Download and fill out this pre-tutoring questionnaire to help your tutor and you get the most out of your conversation.
3. Message "unfwritingcenter" BEFORE you are ready to start your meeting to ensure you can start your meeting on time (e.g., "Hi, I'm <your name> and I'm ready for my <time> meeting.")

4. Wait for the writing tutor to confirm their presence and start the meeting.



Tips for Getting the Most from Your Skype Session

1. Let the tutor know if you'd prefer to meet via audio (just talking), audio/visual (talking with visuals), or just messaging (i.e., chat) 

2. Get familiar with Skype before using it with a peer tutor. The session can only be as good as your existing knowledge of Skype.

3. Be prepared to show your tutor what you're working on, whether by having a file to transfer or to share your screen

Troubleshooting Skype

1. Verify that your internet connection is active and test the Skype test caller (click here for directions). 
2. Email rubrics@unf.edu or call (904) 620-5394 to reach someone in the Writing Center to discuss the issue.