Why Major in English?

Travis Wildes
Current English Major

Faculty - Travis WildeI am a senior at UNF finishing my B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing.

I’ve always had a knack for noticing the detail in things most people ignore, and I’ve always been able to come up with intriguing ideas, but I never harnessed that energy into my writing until I came to college. The writing I had to do in high school was very mechanical and felt flat-out boring to me. The writing never hit me as something I’d want to spend my life doing, let alone hone as an art.

UNF’s English program was a great outlet for me. The work I was able to do in my classes lit my creative fire in ways that wouldn’t have been possible on my own. I was fortunate enough to meet some truly talented instructors, such as James Beasley and Mark Ari, who opened my eyes to a lot of things. Writing wasn’t something I considered boring anymore. And outside of the classroom, I found that UNF’s literary journal Fiction Fix and the ACE department’s annual writing contest were wonderful outlets for student writers like me, bursting with inspiration and creativity. Collaboration from fellow students was also an avenue I explored, and as a result I started multiple writing projects with friends I’ve made along the way.

My story “Paper Wait” was featured in UNF’s Fiction Fix. “Mind the Gap” was honored in the nonfiction category of ACE’s 2010 contest, and I started the creative nonfiction journal Yes, They’re Real with its second volume releasing in 2011. I don’t know where my writing will take me in the future. But I will remember the people that I’ve met and the things that I’ve learned during my time studying English at UNF.