The Department of English serves its majors and minors with two advisors:


Jay Fuller, M. Ed. (Undergraduate Advisor)  

Jay Fuller, academic advisor and English Department liaison, can help Faculty - Jay Fuller - SMALL

you answer questions about future classes, degree requirements,  

academic roadmap issues, scheduling challenges,

or grad school or post-baccalaureate opportunities. 




Betsy Nies, Ph.D. (Graduate Advisor)

Associate Professor Dr. Betsy Nies serves as the Department of English Faculty - Betsy Nies - SMALL

graduate program advisor.


Dr. Nies also maintains the Department’s Facebook page

 (“English at North Florida”).  She’d love to hear from both

undergraduate and graduate students to hear what you are

doing after graduation!



Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) 


For general education advising, please contact Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).