Testimonials from Students

Shanoiya Clark, M.S. in Communication Management student 
"I chose this degree because I know I need to master the principles of communications in order to transition my career into the field of media. I hope to gain the appropriate knowledge and skills to become a future asset for a media company."


Christopher Regan, M.S. in Communication Management student

"I understand how crucial it is to possess a healthy knowledge of business intricacies in the modern global economy, regardless of what industry you work in. The importance of effective communication, especially in today's highly technologically advanced society, cannot be emphasized enough."



Jessica Scott, M.S. in Communication Management student 

“I chose UNF for my master’s because of the great experience I had with my undergraduate degree. The program offers me a chance to grow as a communicator and in my career.”



Meredith Storms, M.S. in Communication Management student 

“With the UNF communication management graduate program, you can refine your degree to your specific area of interest. I am enrolled in the business management track and plan on utilizing the skills to open my own fitness studio.”


Testimonials from Graduate Faculty  


John Parmelee

Dr. John Parmelee, professor and chair
"A master's degree, especially our degree in communication management, provides a deeper understanding of issues which are introduced at the undergraduate level. You will begin to think more holistically about your profession and how to excel in it. Graduate school also gives you an extra edge when applying for a new job or going up for a promotion at your existing company. The M.S. in Communication Management stresses leadership and management. You'll begin to see the big picture and your place in it."

Siho Nam

Dr. Siho Nam, associate professor, multimedia journalism

"Graduate education was the process of exploring the terrain of my ignorance. I was able to learn how to ask questions, how to go about answering those questions and how to use the answers to better understand and evaluate our ever-changing media environment. Likewise, the UNF communication faculty helps you ask questions and have fun answering them. The diversity of the program's faculty is one of its greatest strengths. We have former journalists, PR practitioners, marketing researchers, a news anchor as well as academicians who are deeply committed to your education."



Tulika Varma

Dr. Tulika Varma, assistant professor, public relations
"If you're asking yourself, why should I get a master's degree? The answers may be a wage premium, career advancement, career change or just simply a brief break to retool and re-chart your career trajectory. You are making the right decision. A master's degree is the passport to that new reality. Classes at the master's level provide opportunities to learn more about your favorite subjects in a more stimulating environment from your classmates and instructors alike. So start exploring!"



Brian Thornton
Dr. Brian Thornton, professor, multimedia journalism
"Graduate school is not for everyone. But if you are ambitious and want to rise up in the ranks of management, or if you think you might want to teach communication, a graduate degree in essential. It will open doors and provide you with more options. Many employers only will hire people for executive positions who have advanced degrees. So a master's is like a membership card. It grants you access to higher levels."



Chunsik Lee
Dr. Chunsik Lee, associate professor, public relations
"I loved working at a marketing research agency tackling problems for our clients. However, after several years of fast-paced agency life, I felt consumed and exhausted. More importantly I was hungry for critical and theoretical perspectives that would explain my piecemeal approaches for my client projects. Perhaps, looking back, I wanted to raise and address my own questions to quench my curiosity rather than only answer the questions of my clients."