Dr. Alicia Sitren

Associate Professor





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Building 51, Room 2126



Alicia H. Sitren earned a doctoral degree in Public Affairs and Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida in 2007. Dr. Sitren's dissertation examined the deterrent effects of personal and vicarious experiences with punishment and punishment avoidance. Utilizing survey and factorial vignette methodologies, this study examined decision making processes among a group of convicted adult offenders.

Presently, Dr. Sitren's published works have been devoted to offender perceptions, the nature and function of jails, and job candidate desirability research. In addition to these published works, Sitren is currently working towards the completion of several projects, including a public opinion poll examining perceptions of crime and victimization within the local community, and the development of a criminology-econometric model to further assess offender decision making paradigms.  


Historically, Sitren has taught courses in criminological theory, research methods, corrections and penology, and criminal justice systems. In particular, Sitren has a passion to pursue the study of white-collar and elite crime. With an undergraduate background in finance, and professional training in security and fraud identification, she is enthusiastic about expanding her research and teaching agendas to include the study of econometric modeling and elite crimes.  


Selected Refereed Publications


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