Dr. David R. Forde

Chair & Professor


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Chair & Professor of Criminology & Criminal Justice; (Ph.D. University of Alberta).


Phone: (904) 620-2413

E-mail: david.forde@unf.edu

Office: Building 51, Room 2130





Dr. David R. Forde is Chair and Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of North Florida.  Dr. Forde has extensive experience in survey research design and analysis.  For the past two decades, he has collected survey and evaluation data on social issues such as criminal victimization and trauma.  He has been PI and co-PI for over $1 million in grants from federal funding agencies such as the National Institute of Justice. His substantive area publications appear in journals such as Justice Quarterly, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Violence and Victims.  His interdisciplinary work has also led to collaborative publications appearing in prestigious medical journals such as Archives of General Psychiatry, Journal of General Internal Medicine, and American Journal of Psychiatry.


 Dr. Forde is actively involved in community service by providing assistance to researchers, policy-makers, and students in choosing an appropriate research design to fit a project's needs.  Dr. Forde is a current advisor to the National Institute for Law and Equity.


RESEARCH INTERESTS                                                                                                    


Crime prevention, violence, victimology, epidemiology, social statistics, survey research





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