Current Projects


Magnolia Project

The Magnolia Project is a federal Healthy Start initiative intended to decrease the high rates of infant mortality in an area of Jacksonville most affected by this problem. The population served by Magnolia consists of women of child bearing age who reside in the target area and who have little or no regular access to health care. Magnolia provides services for this population in a store-front clinic located in the heart of the target area. The services include: 1) well-woman medical services, and 2) intensive case management consisting of counseling and referrals for services to local agencies. CCI's responsibilities include: 1) conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys with key stakeholders, 2) coordinating data collection by project staff, 3) performing data analysis, and 4) preparing progress reports for funding agency and community partners.

For more information, please visit the Magnolia website.


Homeless Census and Survey

The Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition of Jacksonville (ESHC) conducts an annual census and survey of the sheltered and unsheltered homeless population in Duval County . The data obtained is used for procuring Federal and other external funding to provide services for the homeless. For several years, CCI has coordinated the survey component of the project with sheltered homeless individuals. Hundreds of UNF faculty, staff, and students, as well as other community members have been involved in and enriched by the project over the years. Once the census and survey data has been collected by the ESHC and the volunteers, CCI analyzes the data and provides a comprehensive report to the ESHC and the community.

For more information, please visit the Homeless website.

Cultural Council

Economic Impact of the Arts in Jacksonville

In order to investigate the economic impact of arts and culture in the greater Jacksonville area, the Northeast Florida Center for Community Initiatives, at the request of the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, is conducting an economic impact study of a number of cultural organizations located within Duval County. These organizations provide data about their operations, such as how many employees they have, how much income they generate and how income is used.

Ports Project

The Ports Project is a community-based research project that will involve UNF faculty and students in the study of and reporting on all aspects of the Jacksonville Port Authority (JAXPORT) enterprise, and port economies. 

For more information, please visit the Ports website.


Katrina Longitudinal Study

CCI, in collaboration with Steve Picou at the University of South Alabama, is conducting a phone survey of Hurricane Katrina survivors. This is a follow-up to the survey done in 2008.