New Biological Sciences Building

A new home for the Department of Biology

Construction is completed on our new $40.5 million Biological Sciences Building.  The four-story, 116,500-square-foot building is home to the Biology Department and includes 16 modern teaching labs and 27 faculty research labs.  Features of the new building include labs for Aquatic Biology with a seawater system and a specialized necropsy facility where marine mammalogists can examine stranded animals.  Faculty research labs are designed for research in virology, ecology, genetics, physiology, and molecular cell biology.


The building also includes three state-of-the-art lecture halls, one large one with 192 seats, a multi-purpose classroom with 48 seats and a 96-seat classrooms with an operable partition to allow the spaces to be divided into two classrooms when needed. There are 37 offices, office support space, and a conference room on each floor.


Wireless Internet is available for all faculty and students throughout the building and in a semi-enclosed courtyard. Every lab is equipped with modern technology and has a seawater supply for both class and aquatic research labs. Additionally, there is a roof-top greenhouse housing plants used in teaching labs as well as living corals and other marine life for use in both teaching and research labs.


Students and faculty are enjoying classes and research in their new lecture halls and laboratories.  We welcome you to visit and get a tour of our beautiful new home!



Southeast view of Building 59
   New building image 1 

 Southeast view of Building 59 

  Northeast view of Building 59 



Building 59 Hallway     Opening ceremony for Building 59 

 Second floor hallway in the new building looking out onto Darwin's Garden and courtyard. 

  Opening ceremony with President Delaney in March 2012. 



Lobby of Building 59
   Necropsy lab


Second floor view of the main lobby as visitors enter from the courtyard. 

  View of the necropsy lab that has already been used for a dolphin necropsy with our Flagship Coastal Biology Program. 




   Students in the new labs. 
The Greenhouse is on the fourth floor overlooking the courtyard.  This automated space will be home to terrestrial and aquatic organisms in a controlled environment.    .  This is a view of an undergraduate teaching lab.  Power and gas is supplied from the ceiling to allow for an adjustable table arrangement.