BIOS Program at UNF

Intensive Orientation for Biology Majors


What is BIOS?

BIOS was designed to give participants a realistic look at the fast pace of college life in the Biology Department.  The program will will be a 3-5 day workshop that takes place before classes begin.  The sessions will include lectures, seminars, and group activities led by UNF Biology instructors.  BIOS offers a quick "reality check" to students who have been successful in high school and assume they will experience college with the same ease.  Summer-long programs are expensive and time-consuming for university faculty and staff. Freshman seminars often offer help too late for the first-semester struggles.  BIOS is short, intense, inexpensive, and very effective.   

What are the benefits of participating in BIOS?

The primary focus of the content material will be key topics in biology.  The faculty who teach general biology at UNF will teach and give actual exams during BIOS.  The sessions will be infused with strategies that will help you be a successful student.  You will meet other new majors and form study groups which should help you during your time at UNF.

Why is UNF offering a BIOS Program?

Incoming students do not know what to expect when they begin college.  Students are often not prepared to meet the expectations and, as a result, often struggle in their introductory science courses. This program is based upon the BIOS model that has been successfully implemented at Louisiana State for nine years.  As a result of participation in the BIOS Program, students have transformed their approaches to studying and learning.  They are more successful in their introductory science courses, are retained in the major at greater percentages, and they are more likely to graduate in four years.  

When is the next BIOS Program at UNF?

This is a new program for the Biology Department.  Please return to this website for more information about our first BIOS session, scheduled for the end of Summer 2014.  



How can I apply? 

An application link is coming soon.