Yi Lin

Academic Advisor


Liaison Major:



My name is Yi Lin. I was born and brought up in the People’s Republic of China. I received my bachelor’s in English from North China University of Technology (NCUT), China; the master’s degree in Professional Communication-Advertising and the doctoral degree in educational leadership from East Tennessee State University (ETSU).


My master’s thesis emphasized on “Advertising value appeals reflected in U.S. and Chinese women’s fashion print advertisements” and I am in the process of submitting the paper for publication on this. My doctoral dissertation tries to ascertain “the Chinese international students’ intercultural communication competence and intercultural communication apprehension in U.S.”.


University of North Florida is a diverse, vibrant, and burgeoning institution. It is filled with opportunities everywhere. I believe that my strong educational background, international experience, and immense interest in the field of Communication would help me guide the students in the right direction and also help me learn from them.