College of Arts & Sciences Academic Advising 

The College of Arts and Sciences Advising Office serves all sophomore, junior, senior and post-baccalaureate students pursuing majors in the college.  The advising office is the main source for obtaining information pertaining to your degree program. It is also provides you with your required program of study, which is an outline of all final requirements needed to complete a particular academic degree.  As soon as you receive your letter of admissions to UNF, you are encouraged to contact the advising office to arrange to meet with an academic advisor.  You can reach our office at (904) 620-2797 or e-mail us at  Current students who need an appointment should visit this page for instructions on how to do so. 


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Advising Staff and Liaison Majors


Liz Wondell, Director  

LeAnn Anderson: Psychology (last name L-Z)  
Aaron Leedy: Psychology (last name A-K)  
Wilma Case-Starks: Chemistry, Physics, Math, and Statistics  
Nick Ryan: Graphic Design, Photography, Fine Arts, and Music   

Jay Fuller: English, Philosophy, and Religious Studies  
Greshka German-Stuart: History, Foreign Languages, Economics (BA), and International Studies  
Keith Martin: Political Science and Interdisciplinary Studies  
Debbie Williams-Watson: Criminal Justice  
Frank Goodin:  Communication (last name A-J)
Kim Pryor: Communication (last name K-Z)     

Brittany Hanzl:  Biology
Katherine Kamback:  Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work  


Career Advising Information


We are pleased to inform our students that career advising services are available through two dedicated career liaison counselors connected to the College of Arts and Sciences.  They are Valarie Robinson and Dee Dee Wyckoff, from the Office of Career Services.  Both walk-ins and appointment times are available for students. For career related information or to schedule an appointment, you can contact Valarie or Dee Dee by phone at (904) 620-2955 or individually via e-mail at or







Academic Calendar 

Refer to the UNF Academic Calendar  for a complete list of important dates and deadlines.



Advising Calendar
5/6 Summer 2016 Space Available (Senior Citizen/State Waiver) Registration for A, C
5/11 Summer 2016 A, C Classes Begin

Add/Drop Ends for Summer A, C (11:59 p.m.)


Deadline to Pay/Pend/Defer Tuition and Fees for Summer A, C (5 p.m.)

5/27 Deadline to Reinstate, and Last Day to Petition to Add into Summer A, C
5/30 Memorial Day (University Closed)
6/3 Deadline for Complete Withdrawal from Summer C Term (25% Refund)
Deadline to Withdraw from Summer A Courses (No Refund)
6/15 Deadline to Apply for Summer 2016 Graduation
6/17 Summer A Classes End, Summer 2016 Space Available (Senior Citizen/State Waiver) Registration for Summer B Courses
6/20     Summer B Classes Begin

Deadline to Add or Drop Summer B Courses (11:59 p.m.)

6/27 Deadline to Pay/Pend/Defer Summer B Only Tuition and Fees (5 p.m.)

Deadline to Withdraw from Summer C Term Courses

7/4   Independence Day (University Closed)
7/8 Deadline to Reinstate, and Last Day to Petition to Add into Summer B
7/15 Deadline to Withdraw from Summer B Courses (No Refund), Deadline for Fall 2016 Major Changes