Faculty Accomplishments - Spring 2012


Dr. Michael W. Lufaso, in collaboration with undergraduate student Kathryn Mince and others, published "Relaxations in Ba2BiTaO6 ceramics investigated by impedance and electric modulus spectroscopies" in Materials Research Bulletin, 2012, # 47, 878–882.


 In March Dr. Christos Lampropoulos and his student Chad A. McDaniel presented the poster “Single-Molecule Magnets: an Investigation of the Dimensionality-Structure Relationship” at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida. He presented with his students Hunter Douglas and Christopher D. Haun  the poster “Single-Molecule Magnets: a Playground for Magnetochemists, Physicists, and Spectroscopists” at the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry (PITTCON 2012 Conference & Exposition) in Orlando, Florida. He was invited to speak on integrating technology into educational practices  at the Mastering Leadership Conference held in Scottsdale, AZ.   

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Dr. Michael Hallett & Dr. Daniel Pontzer, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice,  published "No Peace Dividend for Duval? Posing Questions about Jacksonville's Punitive Civic Infrastructure" (Spring 2012). Smart Justice Journal, Vol 2. No 3.


Mark Ari gave a talk, "The Wink of Immediacy," in a workshop on Flash Fiction at the Douglas Anderson Writers' Festival at UNF; he also conducted an interview with Margaret Atwood. 


Dr. Nicholas de Villiers presented a paper, "RuPaul's Drag Race as Meta-Reality Television" at the Northeast Modern Language Association conference in Rochester, NY.


Dr. Chris Gabbard presented a paper, "A Race of Changelings: Swift's Yahoos as Mentally Disabled Other," as part of “Literary and Artistic Representations of the ‘Other’ in France and England," Southeastern American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (SEASECS) annual conference, Atlanta GA.


Linda Howell presented a paper, "Crack in the Classroom: Absurd Fan Productions, Hybridity, and an Ethics of Anti-Process," at 4Cs, the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication" in St. Louis.   


Dr. Sam Kimball presented a paper, "Evolutionary Psychology (Deconstructed) and the Constitutive Limits of What Can Be Taught about Writing," at 4Cs, the annual Conference on College Composition and Communication" in St. Louis.   


Dr. Clark Lunberry gave a paper titled “Suspicious Silence: Walking Out on John Cage,” at the conference, “(An) Aesthetics of Absence,” at the University of Toronto; he also installed his “Writing on Air” artwork at the conference. 

Languages, Literatures and Cultures  

Dr. Renee S. Scott presented the paper "Food and Identity in Latino Literature in the United States" at the International Conference on Hispanic Literatures in Cuzco, Peru, in March.  


Dr. Gregory Helmick,  presented a paper --"Representación del músico afroboricua y versiones de negritud en _Maldito amor_ (Ferré) y _El entierro de Cortijo_ (Rodríguez-Juliá)"-- in San Juan, PR in March at Negritud: International Conference of Afro-Latin American Studies).


Dr. Nuria Ibáñez-Quintana gave a presentation “Sabina Berman, Águila o sol: A propósito de Malinche” at the International Symposium of Hispanic Literature at California State University at Dominguez Hills in  Los Angeles in March.  


Dennis Marks played a three-city tour with Grammy award winner Arturo Sandoval throughout Ontario, Canada on March 2, 3, and 4.   


Dr. Nick Curry played as a featured soloist with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in the Jacksonville Arena in December and joined the group again in March for a concert in Tallahassee. He presented on “Practicing Intonation on a String Instrument” at the College Music Society’s regional conference in February and presented on “Recruiting Basics for College Educators” at the American String Teachers Associations national conference in March.  He was invited to play the cello for the filming of the finale of Oprah Winfrey’s TV show, “Lovetown U.S.A.”

Philosophy and Religion

Dr. Julie Ingersoll presented a paper, “Christian Reconstructionism: Biblical Law in Contemporary America”, at The College of Charleston in Charleston, SC, in March.


Dr. Sarah Mattice published "Drinking to Get Drunk: Pleasure, Creativity, and Social Harmony in Ancient Greece and China", in Comparative and Continental Philosophy Journal, Issue 3.2.  She also published  "Confucian Ethics in the 21st Century: A Comment on Roger Ames' Confucian Role Ethics", in Frontiers of Philosophy in China, Special Issue, Vol 7 (2012).  She presented a paper, "On the Possibility of Non-Combative Oppositionality: Chinese Philosophy of War, Dharma Combat, and Compassionate Conversations", at the Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle conference in San Diego, CA




Dr. Lev Gasparov received $7,500 from the National Science Foundation for his ongoing NSF grant ”RUI: Optical Studies of Magnetic, Charge, and Orbital Ordering in Lone-Pair Compounds and Magnetite”.

Dr. John Anderson appeared on First Coast Connect on March 8th to discuss extra-solar planets and the Kepler mission.

Political Science and Public Administration

Dr. Nicholas Seabrook appeared on First Coast News on March 2012 to discuss the Super Tuesday election results.  


Dr. Georgette Dumont presented a paper on “Nonprofits and Social Media: Applying SROI to New Technologies.” at the American Society for Public Administration annual conference, Las Vegas, NV, in March. She presented a paper, “Understanding the Relationship Between Nonprofits and Social Media in Duval County, FL” at the Florida Political Science Association annual conference, Tampa Bay, FL, in March.

Dr. George Candler presented, “O estudo da ciência administrativa fora do ‘centro’: a luta universal contra a colonizaçao epistemológica, e para a assimilação crítica” at the II Colóquio de Epistemologia e Sociologia da Ciência da Administração, Florianopolis, Brazil, in March.

Dr. Natasha Christie presented a paper “Felon-Collateral Consequences: An Old Tool with a New Name,” at the National Conference of Black Political Scientists.

Dr. Matthew Corrigan presented the paper:  “Jeb Bush and the Conservative Movement in America” at the Symposium of Southern Politics in Charleston, South Carolina in March.

Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. Ronald Lukens-Bull presented his paper, “The Politicization of the ‘Apolitical:’ Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia” as part of the panel he organized, Indonesian Politics by Other Means:  The Distribution and Manipulation of Power Outside Elections at the Association of Asian Studies Annual Meetings in Toronto, in March. 


Dr. Jenny Stuber was invited by the DePauw University Sociology faculty to talk with advanced sociology and women’s studies students about her book, Inside the College Gates, and its findings concerning gender and social class inequalities within higher education. 


Dr. Aleksandra Millicevic made a presentation entitled “Occupy Movement and Social Inequalities” at the 12th Annual International Business Research Conference, organized by the Coggin College of Business UNF, and The School of Management – Warsaw University, on the panel on: Economic Inequality and Its Impact on Business, in February.