Active Arts & Sciences Grants

Faculty Grants





Art and Design Vanessa Cruz

Core Fulbright Scholar Program: Media Arts. Hosted by the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland. 



Gregory Ahearn

Synergistic Absorption of essential Amino Acids and Metals by Shrimp Digestive Tract

US Department of Agriculture


Dorea Bowers

Biology-Pathology of Arbovirus Persistence in a Mosquito Host

National Institutes of Health


Joseph Butler

Survey of the Distribution and Population Status of the Ornate Diamondback Terrapin (Malaclemys terrapin macrospilota) in the Big Bend Region of Florida

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission



12-month Finding on a Petition to List the Gopher Tortoise as Threatened or Endangered Throughout Its Range

US Fish and Wildlife Service


James Gelsleichter

Cooperative Atlantic States Shark Pupping and Nursery (COASTSPAN) Survey of North Florida Waters

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration



Non-lethal Assessment of Reproduction in the Endangered Smalltooth Sawfish Using Blood Hormone Analysis

Seaworld/Busch Gardens Conservation Fund


Matthew Gilg

RIG: RUI: Genotype-Specific Fertilization Success: A Test of the Hypothesis of Reinforcement in the Rapid Evolution of a Reproductive Protein

National Science Foundation



Strangers in a Strange Land: Biological and Economic Impacts of Two Invasive Mussels Along the East Coast of the United States in an Oyster Agro-Ecosystem

University of Central Florida


Courtney Hackney

Monitoring Effects of a Potential Increased Tidal Range in the Cape Fear River Ecosystem Due to Deepening Wilmington Harbor, NC

Elizabeth City State University



Nutrient Flux and Plant Stress in Intertidal Wetlands Exposed to Increasing Salinity

St. Johns River Water Management District


John Hatle

Testing Direct Effects of Reproduction on Stress and Mortality via Ovariectomy

National Institutes of Health


Cliff Ross

Salinity-induced Enzymatic Stress Response in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Phase II

St. Johns River Water Management District



Stress Response in Submerged Aquatic Vegetation from a Transplant Experiment

St. Johns River Water Management District


Kenneth Laali

Synthesis of Novel Room Temperature Ionic Liquids Bearing Fluorine, Trifluoromethyl, and Trifyl Groups; Increasing Lewis Acidity of the Cationic Core - Application as Dual Solvent/Catalyst for Organic Synthesis

American Chemical Society


Michael Lufaso

Structure-Composition-Property Relationships in Complex Bi-Ni-Mn Oxide Phases

Research Corporation



Structure-Composition-Property Relationships in Complex Bi-Ni-Mn Oxide Phases, Supplement: Brian Andreen Cottrell College Science Award

Research Corporation


Radha Pyati

The River Accord: A Partnership for the Lower St Johns River Continuation

City of Jacksonville


Robert Vergenz

Role of Methyl-Donated Hydrogen Bonds in Protein Secondary Structure and Folding

Research Corporation

Criminology & Criminal Justice

Michael Hallett

Operation New Hope Implementation Evaluation

Operation New Hope, Inc.


Ready 4 Work * Offender Profile Project

Operation New Hope, Inc.


John Michael Francix

Murder and Martyrdom in the Spanish Florida Borderlands, 1565-1617

Library of Congress

Mathematics & Statistics

Denis Bell

RUI: Problems in Stochastic Geometry

National Science Foundation


Peter Wludyka

Consultation and Lecture Services in the Field of Biostatistics, 2007 - 2012

University of Florida Jacksonville Healthcare Inc.


Marcus Dickman

Southeast United States Jazz Masterworks Project: Basie, Ellington and the Beboppers

Florida Department of State

Philosophy & Religious Studies

Alissa Swota

Pilot Project: Clinical Ethicist for Wolfson Children's Hospital, Year 3

Wolfson Children's Hospital


Barry Albright

Paleomagnetic Survey of Late Cretaceous Strata-Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah

U.S. Department of the Interior


Lev Gasparov

RUI: Optical Studies of Magnetic, Charge and Orbital Ordering in Lone-Pair Compounds and Magnetite

National Science Foundation



REU Supplement: RUI: Optical Studies of Magnetic, Charge and Orbital Ordering in Lone-Pair Compounds and Magnetite

National Science Foundation



Raman and Infrared Studies of the Layered Transition Metal Chalcogenides 2004-2009

Research Corporation



MRI-R2: Acquisition of the Optical Cryostat for Research and Teaching (ARRA)

National Science Foundation


Jay Huebner

Rapid Response Sensor Networking for Multiple Applications, Phase III (RRSNMA3)

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center



Sensor Arrays for Multiple Applications (SAMA)

Edgewood Chemical Biological Center


Nirmalkumar Patel

Nanocrystalline gas sensors arrays for detecting gases in stratosphere and mesosphere

Florida Space Grant Consortium



Detection of ozone and nitrogen oxides in stratosphere using nanocrystalline sensors array and high altitude balloon flight (HASP 2009) and Balloon and Rocket Atmospheric Sampling and Sensing (BRASS) (Rocksat 2009) Project Support

Florida Space Grant Consortium


Thomas Pekarek

RUI: Exploration of the New Class of Layered III-VI Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors

National Science Foundation


Rebecca Marco

School Readiness Evaluation for the Clay/Nassau/Baker/Bradford School Readiness Coalition and Episcopal Children's Services

Episcopal Children's Services

Sociology & Anthropology

Robert Thunen

Preserving the Past: Promoting and Exploring Northeast Florida's Archaeology

Preservation North Florida


Jeff Will

Cultural Council Economic Impact of the Arts and Audience Survey

Cultural Council of Jacksonville


Project Prepare

Daniel Memorial


Homeless Census and Survey Project Winter 2009

Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition


Racial Disparities in Employment in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Human Rights Commission


Healthy Start/Magnolia Infant Mortality Reduction Project 2009-2010

Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Inc.