A Community Conversation on Public Prayer: 

Beyond Talking Points 

A Program in Civil Discourse

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Purpose:  To share viewpoints on the nature of praying in civic/municipal public/official events, in a context of a diverse metropolitan population  


Symposium Goal:  To enhance understanding of the various viewpoints presented, to encourage appreciation of the fact that there are a diversity of viewpoints, to encourage tolerance of diversity of opinion, to encourage respect for the beliefs and practices of others 


Date:  Tuesday, October 30, in the evening, 7 pm to 9 pm 


Place:  The UNF University Center Banquet Hall  


Moderator:  Mr. John Delaney, President, University of North Florida 



  • Dr. Ronald Baker, Senior Paster, Russell Baptist Church  
  • Dr. Julie Ingersoll, Associate Professor of Religious Studies 
  • Dr. Bert Koegler, Professor of Philosophy and Chair of the Philosophy Department  
  • Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, Sr., Senior Pastor, Bethel Baptist Institutional Church 
  • Dr. Rick Philips, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Mr. John Stemberger, President, Florida Family Policy Council
  • Rev. Tarah Trueblood, Director, UNF Interfaith Center  


  • Dr. Parvez Ahmed, Associate Professor of Finance 
  • Dr. Raymond Johnson, President, Biblical Concepts Ministries 
  • Ms. Celeste Krueger, Executive Director, OneJax
  • Rabbi Joshua Lief, Senior Rabbi, Congregation  Ahavath Chesed
  • Dr. David Schwam-Baird, Associate Professor of Political Science