Grade Appeal Process

College of Arts and Sciences How-To Procedures

(Revised 29 January 2013) 


Instructions: To file a formal grade appeal, the student is to complete the following steps, which clarify the procedures in the document, “Appeals Unrelated to Academic Misconduct,” online at (One-Stop, Records & Registration, Academic Policies, Appealing an Academic Decision***). At successive steps in the appeal process, the student will need to include in his/her written appeal  relevant documentation and the subsequent responses of the instructor and administrators.


STEP ONE:  The STUDENT submits written appeal to INSTRUCTOR 

  1. It is recommended, but not required, that the student first meet with the instructor to clarify the reasons for receiving the grade in question.
  2. Whether or not the student meets with the instructor, the student must submit a written appeal, step one in the appeal process, to the faculty member within 90 calendar days from the date the disputed grade has been assigned.
  3. The written appeal should include the following student identification information:


  •  Date:____________________


  • Name: ____________________________________ N-Number:___________________________


  • Address: _______________________________________________________________________ 


  • Best Contact Email Addresses:_____________________________________________________


  • Best Contact Phone Numbers:_____________________________________________________


  • Course Number, Title, CRN, Term (example: ENC 1101—Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing, 12345, Spring 2013)


            : _____________________________________________________________


  • Grade You Received:____________________
  1. The written appeal  should also include the student’s explanation of why he/she is appealing the grade, including, for example:
  • The facts, as the student perceives them, that have led to the request.  
  • Whether the student believes that the instructor did not follow the grading parameters as set forth in the course syllabus.
  • Whether the student believes that the instructor made a procedural or calculation error, overlooked or forgot to take into account required course work that the student completed, or neglected to include in his/her evaluation an important aspect of the student’s work.
  • Whether or not the student is contesting the instructor’s professional judgment about or assessment of the quality of the student’s work.
  • If the student has met with instructor to discuss the grade, what explanation the instructor provided and why the student finds the explanation insufficient.
  • Whether or not the student met the terms of the course as specified in the syllabus (for example, concerning attendance requirements, completion of all required coursework) and, if not, why not.
  • Relevant supporting documentation.
  • The student’s signature and date of signing.

The instructor is obliged to provide the student with a written response (signed and dated) within 10 calendar days after receiving the student’s appeal


STEP TWO:  The student meets with DEPARTMENT CHAIR

  1. if the instructor does not change the grade and the student is not satisfied with the instructor’s explanation, the student includes the instructor’s explanation in the written appeal, adds his/her response to this explanation, and forwards the written appeal to the department chair
  2. The student meets with the chair to discuss his/her written appeal and the instructor’s response.  
  3. The chair reviews all relevant information and attaches his/her report (signed and dated) to student’s written appeal.
  4. The chair then notifies the student that the updated written appeal is available for him/her to pick up in the department office.

STEP THREE:  The Student Meets with the DEAN 

  1. if the student is not satisfied with the chair’s decision, the student includes in the written appeal a written (and signed and dated) explanation for appealing the instructor’s decision and the chair’s decision, and adds relevant supporting documentation, if any.
  2. The student forwards the written appeal to Dr. Barbara Hetrick, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, 51/3300, and arranges to meet with her or her representative.
  3. The dean reviews the student’s written appeal, makes a determination, adds her report (signed and dated) to the written appeal, and informs student that it is available in 51/3300.

STEP FOUR:  The student meets with the university academic appeals committee 

  1. if the student is not satisfied with the dean’s decision, the student includes in the written appeal a written (and signed and dated) explanation for appealing the dean’s decision.
  2. The student forward the written appeal to the University Academic Appeals Committee, Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1/2500.

***The policy that governs grade appeals, “Appealing Academic Grades” (2.034P), is available at the Office of the Provost website.