Club Alliance Frequently Asked Questions





Q.) When can I access club funding?

A.) Clubs must be registered with Club Alliance for one (1) full semester* to be eligible for funding and one (1) full year** to be eligible to special request additional funding through either the Club Funding Board, Special Request or Travel Request. (See CA Handbook Section 6 - Finances: 600.1 Spending Money) You must also fill out a Signature Card (found in the Club Commons) and attend a Club Funding Workshop (see the CA website for the next meeting date).  

*Full semester means your club was registered and attended more than half of the scheduled general meetings. (Fall and Spring)

**Full year means your club has been registered for two full semesters. (i.e. If you register the first week of fall, your club will be eligible in the Fall term of the following year.  (Fall and Spring)


Q.) If I want to order food for an event but I don’t have any money left, what can I do?

A.) You can fill out a Budget Boost form for the amount you need and turn it into the Business and Accounting Office. To apply for a Budget Boost you must have been a club for one full year, submitted a Signature Card, attended a Club Funding Workshop and submitted the form at least 10 Business Days prior to your event/meeting.


Q.) My club is attending a conference and would like to request funding, how can we do so?

A.) You can fill out a Travel/Special Request Form ( and make an appointment to speak with the Student Government Budget and Allocations Chair (B&A Chair) to go over what is necessary for this request. Make sure you do these seven weeks prior to the event; it will take five weeks for it to process.


Q.) I want to make a reservation for my club, how can I do that?

A.) Reservations are not handled through Club Alliance. To make a reservation for the Student Union, contact the Administration Office (904) 620-1496. To make a classroom reservation, fill out the form online ( 


Q.) I’d like to buy shirts for my club, how do I go about it?

A.) First you’ll need to get an official quote from the company who will be making the shirts, shirts cannot cost more than $7.00 per t-shirt or more than $15.00 per polo shirt for Student Government to purchase them. (See 2012-2013 SG Activity and Service Fee Budget book, Provisionary Language, Section 16, page 3.) You’ll also need to attach the artwork proof from the company. Then, fill out a Purchase Request Form (can be found online or in the Club Commons) and turn it all into the Student Government Business and Accounting Office (Bldg. 58-W/3409).  Any printed items purchased using Student Government funding must state, “Funded by UNF Student Government”.


Q.) Are there any rules about what can and cannot be on a shirt or flyer?

A.) Yes, any publication, flyer, announcement, invitation, t-shirt or notice of an event funded by the club budget must bear the exact statement “Funded by UNF Student Government”. Violators will be placed on a suspension for one (1) full year from the date of the infraction. (See CA Handbook Section 6 – Finances, 600.2 Purchase Requests, Section D: Printed Material) If your items are using the UNF logo or distorting the logo in any way, it has to be approved by the UNF Marketing and Publications Department (   


Q.) How long does it take to get the items ordered?

A.) Using a purchase order method saves the club from spending their own money but does require pre-planning. The process takes about three (3) weeks. (See CA Handbook Section 6 – Finances, 600.2 Purchase Requests, Section A) 1b)


Q.) What is a Club Funding Workshop?

A.) A Club Funding Workshop is mandatory for all clubs wishing to use funding. The President and Treasurer must attend one (1) of the workshops or the club will not be eligible for funding. Please find the upcoming dates on the club alliance website: The President and Treasurer need only attend one (1) workshop a fiscal year. There is also an online option now that can be found under forms and documents. 


Q: What is the difference between Funding Option A and Funding Option B?

A: Funding Option A is the funding option that every club starts out with. This option gives clubs $300 and the club can apply for budget boosts at $200 a piece. Funding Option B also know as the Club Budget Committee. With this funding option clubs propose a budget for the year during the spring. A club must be a club for a year to be able to apply for this option. 




Q.) When are the meetings?

A.) The meetings are scheduled the semester before, so you can plan ahead. The meeting times and locations are listed on the Club Alliance website and e-mailed to the club presidents and advisors. Meeting times are also listed in the Club Commons and announced each meeting. ( .


Q.) Which meetings are mandatory?

A.) General meetings, specialized board meetings and the President’s Luncheon. (See CA handbook, Section 4: Club Alliance Meetings)


Q.) What is a Specialized Board Meeting?

A.) These are meetings where clubs that are similar meet and discuss items of importance that are relevant to their club. It is mandatory to attend the meeting your club is designated to (i.e. Academic clubs should attend only the Academic Specialized Board Meeting.) If you cannot attend your clubs designated meeting, you must get approval from the Club Alliance Director to attend another one.  If you are not sure which board your club sits on, you can find a breakdown on our website:


Q.) What if I miss a meeting?

A.) Each club is allowed two (2) unexcused absences for the semester. (See CA handbook, Section 4: Club Alliance Meetings, Chapter 401: Attendance/Absence Policy) You can miss two (2) meetings a semester, but after the third (3rd) absence, the club will be placed on bad standing; attendance suspension. To get off attendance suspension and back on good standing, your club will have to attend three (3) consecutive meetings. Once the club is on attendance suspension, the club will not be able to reserve meeting space or table in the Student Union free of charge, the club will have to pay the RSO rate to use space. Student Government will not cover these expenses. Clubs on attendance suspension cannot request money from Student Government and cannot use road signs from Club Alliance. (See CA handbook, Section 4: Club Alliance Meetings, Chapter 401: Attendance/Absence Policy). If you’re not sure how many meetings you have missed, you can find your club attendance on our website:


Q.) Can I appeal a meeting if I missed it?

A.) Yes! You can appeal if it is within five (5) Business days of the missed meeting. You must have a legitimate excuse and you can opt to appeal orally in front of the board, or by writing it.  Please find the form on our website and in the Club Commons.


Q.) Who can attend the general meetings?

A.) Any club representative can attend the meetings. Also, a club representative can sign in for two clubs during the fall and spring semesters; so if you can’t find anyone to sign in from your club, ask another club if they would be able to.


Q.) I had a class conflict and couldn’t find anyone to go to the meeting for me, does this count as an excused absence?

A.) The Club Appeals Board will decide whether or not your absence will be excused. To appeal an absence you must fill out the form (found on the website or in the Club Commons) and turn it in to the Club Alliance office, forms must be time stamped and turned in within five (5) Business days of the missed meeting. (See CA Handbook, Section 5: Enforcement, Section 507: Appeals Process).


Starting a Club 


Q.) How do I start a club?

A.) Contact Club Alliance and make an appointment to discuss the procedures for club formation. Be sure to read through the Club Alliance Handbook and complete the registration packet on the Club Alliance website. You’ll need a roster of 10 UNF students (include N numbers,) a club constitution, a President, a Treasurer, and a Faculty Advisor. (See CA Handbook, Section 2: Starting and Maintaining a Club)


Q.) What constitutes a faculty advisor?

A.) A faculty advisor is a full-time UNF staff or faculty member who receives benefits from the University.


Q.) How do I write a club constitution?

A.) You can find an example of a club constitution on the Club Alliance website. Also see the Club Alliance handbook, Section 3: Club Constitutions regarding what your club can and cannot do, including: club name, purpose, membership, officers, elections, duties, meetings, committees, amendments, and removal of officers and club members.    


Q.) Can I make my club members pay dues?

A.) No. Because all UNF students pay the Activity and Service Fee (A&S Fee) with their tuition and clubs are funded with the A&S Fee, clubs cannot require members pay dues.


Q.) My club is part of a national organization that requires dues; can I still not make my members pay dues?

A.) For organizations that are part of a national chapter, you may charge dues to those club members wishing to be a part of the national chapter. For those students wishing only to be a part of the UNF chapter, you cannot charge dues. Club meetings must be open to all students, not just those whom pay dues.   




Q.) Why do I need to re-register?

A.) On July 1st each year, the clubs registration expires. In order to stay active with the University, a club must re-register. Once the registration expires, clubs cannot reserve meeting space or use Student Government benefits. There is a grace period from July 1st until midway through September when clubs can still re-register, but cannot reserve meeting space or use Student Government benefits until they re-register.


Q.) What if I miss the registration deadline?

A.) Your club will be no longer recognized by the University and will have to register as a new organization. New organizations cannot access funding for one full semester, and cannot access special request, budget boosts or travel requests for one full year.


Q.) When is the best time to re-register?

A.) The best time to re-register is in the summer, Club Alliance holds open houses for clubs to come and gather information about the year and get help with re-registration. The earlier you re-register, the quicker you’ll get a response and are able to fix any issues with your re-registration.  


Q.) How do I re-register?

A.) At the end of the spring term, a new registration survey will be put online. Once that survey has been uploaded to the Club Alliance website you may re-register your organization. Remember that if you don’t re-register before July 1st all reservations will be cancelled for the remained of summer and fall terms. Any club member or advisor may re-register a club. 


Bad Standing 


Q.) My club is in bad standing, what does that mean?

A.) When a club is in bad standing they cannot access funding, reserve space in the Student Union or anywhere on campus until the club is back in good standing. Depending on the reason your club got placed in bad standing, there may be other implications specific to your club. Talk to the Club Alliance Director if this applies to your club.  


Q.) How do I get off bad standing?

A.) First you’ll need to address which type of bad standing you’re in: Attendance, Constitutional, or Informational.

  • Attendance: To get off attendance suspension, you’ll have to attend three consecutive meetings.
  • Constitutional: To get off constitutional suspension you’ll have to meet with the Club Alliance Director and determine what items need to be changed in your constitution.
  • Informational: To get off informational suspension, you’ll have to meet with the Club Alliance Director and determine what information is wrong.  (See CA Handbook, Section 5: Enforcement)