RSO list 

Get involved by checking out the list of 200 organizations on campus! You can search by name or category of interests. 

Acro Yoga Club (UNF AYC)

We are an extension of a community of that facilitates trust, communication, and love through the practice of acrobatic yoga.

Active Minds

The purpose of Active Minds at UNF is to encourage students to speak openly about mental health issues and educate others on mental health awareness. 

Advertising Club

   The UNF Advertising Club offers students the opportunity to develop individual leadership qualities and an understanding of group action; to provide a “real world” experience to supplement and complement formal education of University of North Florida; to allow students to not only see but gain experience in the advertising field; to develop relationships with others in the advertising industry; to help out the community and other organizations on campus by providing a quality service that is intended to help such organizations improve their advertising departments

African Student's Association (UNF ASA)

UNF ASA is a cultural club welcoming everybody who is willing to learn about the various African cultures 

All-in Ospreys

Skill based card games, mainly Texas Hold'em.

ALL-STARS Dance Team

A collective of talented and self-driven individuals who are passionate about dance, not only as an art but as a lifestyle.

Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi was founded in 1904 at New York University on the principles of promoting institutions of business education, developing future leaders and fostering appreciation for higher ideals in business. Today the fraternity has grown to become the oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the world. With nearly 240,000 initiated members and more than 200 chapters, it is among the 20 largest college fraternities. The men and women of AKPsi reflect the world’s diversity and are united by a common interest in business. 


Alpha Phi Sigma - Pi Omega (APS)

The purpose of Alpha Phi Sigma is to promote analytical thinking, rigorous scholarship and lifelong learning; to keep abreast of the advances in scientific research to elevate the ethical standards of the criminal justice professions and to sustain in the public mind the benefit and necessity of education and professional training. The goal of Alpha Phi Sigma shall be to honor and promote academic excellence, service, leadership and unity.

Alpha Sigma Pi (ASP)

Alpha Sigma Pi is the accounting club at UNF. We host a multitude of events geared towards networking. We provide our members the opportunities to gain networking experience and get their face and resume out to firms all across the Jacksonville community. Our goal as a club is too asst as many members as we can in gaining experience with the firms in our community.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

   The American Chemical Society Chapter at the University of North Florida has been established for the following purpose: to promote knowledge and understanding of the fields of chemistry within the student body, to create awareness and employment opportunities within scientific fields, to encourage the use of scientific research for continued learning, and to unite the students interested in chemistry as one helpful and proactive group. 

American Choral Director's Association - UNF Student Chapter

The purpose of the UNF Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association is to continue striving towards the goal of our parent organization, which is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy. 


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

The University of North Florida American Civil Liberties Union Club (UNF ACLU) aims to raise awareness of civil liberties issues, and to safeguard those civil liberties both on and off campus. The UNF ACLU works directly with the ACLU of FL to help connect individuals on campus with opportunities to get involved and join the effort to defend and preserve the rights  guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution.

American Marketing Association

The University of North Florida’s American Marketing Association Chapter gives its members the opportunity to increases their chances of achieving internships, employment, and real-world experience. We achieve these goals by coordinating professional & casual networking events, professional tours, guest speakers, and volunteer opportunities that focus on how to be successful in the marketing world.

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

The UNF Chapter of ASCE holds monthly meetings with professionals with information about their career and what their company does. We also host fun networking events so students can meet professionals from around Jacksonville in a comfortable setting. UNF ASCE participates in the Annual Southeast Region Student Conference; with small competitions ranging in level of difficulty, any student can participate!

American Society of Highway Engineers

The American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) chapter at UNF is a student club that is open to all Civil Engineering students regardless of their career interests as well as any students interested in learning about Civil Engineering and/or the transportation industry. Its goal is to advance the scientific and engineering education and to network students with professional engineering employers.  



American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a diverse engineering community comprised of student members. ASME enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career preparation, and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping students stand out among their peers in the perception of future employers.

Anime and Japanese Media Club (AJMC)

A club where we get together weekly to socialize and enjoy anime and Japanese media together. 

Anthropology Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for the students of UNF to learn more about Anthropology, to build social networks within the Anthropology department and community, and to provide students with information about furthering their careers in Anthropology. 

Asian Students in Alliance(UNF A.S.I.A.)

The purpose of this organization is to unite and celebrate the rich cultures of Asia. We will foster growth and understanding of other cultures and backgrounds through cultural events, volunteering, educating, and establishing a sense of community within members. We want to bridge the gap between ancestral Asia and modern culture. We aim to raise awareness of Asian-American cultures and immerse students in the beauty of our diversity. We value the importance of unity and respect and we hold firm to our motto: ‘UNF A.S.I.A. is not just a club, it’s a family.’ We welcome individuals of all races and ethnicities to join us in our mission.

Associated Builders and Contractors - UNF Student Chapter

We, the ABC UNF Student Chapter, hold the believes of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. Florida First Coast Chapter as follows:

ABC is the voice of the merit shop and we accept the responsibility for ensuring that voice is heard. We believe the merit shop movement is a movement for the betterment of the individual, the construction industry and the nation.

We believe in the system of free enterprise and open competition.

We believe in Florida's Right-to-Work statute.

We believe that employees and employers should have the right to determine wages and working conditions, through either individual or collective bargaining, as they choose, within the boundaries of the law.

We believe that the employer must have concern for the general welfare of the employee and that there must be a fair compensation for work performed. At the same time, we believe that the employee has an obligation for satisfactory performance of assigned work.

We support sound legislation in the areas of workers' compensation, safety and unemployment compensation. We believe legislation that embraces fair play for both employer and employee is essential to the preservation of our Free Enterprise system. The law should protect the right of employees to work regardless or race, color, creed, age, sex or membership or non-membership in a labor organization.

We oppose violence, coercion, intimidation, and the denial of the rights of the free working person and free management.

We believe that economy is incumbent upon all branches of government and that government should award contracts to the lowest responsible bidder only. We oppose any unjust pressure to violate these principles.

We believe that work opportunities in this nation should be made available to all of our people, regardless of race, color, creed, age, sex or national origin, and we support programs towards this end.

We believe that monopolies or any kind of price or wage fixing in either the public or private sector are detrimental to our system of free enterprise.

We believe that the destiny of all Americans can best be served by cooperation, reconciliation and following the tenets of free enterprise and democratic government. We believe business leaders can best preserve these tenets by becoming active in politics and civic affairs. 

Association in Computing Machinery

The UNF Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Club promotes knowledge and interest in the science, design, development, construction, languages, management, and application of modern computing. The club provides an opportunity for communication among people interested in computing through meetings, speaker presentations, and programming contests.


Association of Information Technology Professionals

   Association of Information Technology Professionals, ethical hacking club at 

Astronomy Club

Promoting and fostering interest in astronomy and making astronomy resources available to anyone and everyone who is curious about the wonders of the night

Athletic Trainers' Student Association (ATSA)

  The purpose of ATSA shall be to serve as a liaison between the Faculty of the Athletic Training Education Program, the student body of the Athletic Training Education Program, the student body of the College of Health, and other UNF organizations in matters common to all. 

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Connecting college students to the person and mission of Jesus Christ.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

Our desire is that college students be connected to the person and mission of Jesus. We seek to accomplish this mission through our Sunday morning worship gathering, weekly on-campus outreach, community groups, and by sending college students around the world along side our global mission partners

Bass Fishing Club

The Bass Fishing Club at the University of North Florida aims to teach anyone interested in the sport of bass fishing techniques, and skills needed to target this game fish. Experienced and Non-experienced students are welcome to join our club tournaments and meetings. No one catches fish better than an osprey.

Best Buddies

UNF Best Buddies is a Club that creates friendships for UNF students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We ge t together as a group multiples times a semester to do activities and just have a good time. It's a way to truly make a difference on our very own campus and help enhance the college experience for students with and without disabilities! I promise you that through this club you will gain so much more than you give!

To really show what Best Buddies is all about, watch this video:

Better Together

Better Together is a place where students from different religious and non-religious backgrounds come together to voice their values, engage with others and act together to make real change in the community. 

Biology Club

The UNF Biology Club is a collection of students that are passionate about science and the living creatures of the world. We are an academically-based and philanthropic club that seeks to give back to our local community. We provide our members with volunteer, social, and educational activities throughout the fall and spring semesters. Our goal is to stimulate interest of all aspects of biology and to help students make connections with faculty members and biological professionals.

Biomedical Pre-Professionals Club (BPP)

The Biomedical Pre-Professionals Club is a philanthropic club at the University of North Florida that seeks to give back to our local community. We offer volunteer, leadership, and peer support opportunities for students pursuing biomedical professions.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a student run organization that functions as a hub for educationally enriching programming based on Black culture. We seek to provide the student body with a stronger sense and appreciation of a culturally diverse society. BSU is an organization that expands the knowledge of Black culture through activities and educational workshops.

Boxing Club

We are a club that will teach you to box. If you want to spare you can do that, and sparing is encouraged. If you just want to learn the fundamentals of boxing and learn some self defense then we can help with that as well.


The UNF Bronies is a club dedicated to exploring a variety of popular shows, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, to other shows, such as Gravity Falls, Teen Titans Go, and Steven Universe, to name a few.

Campus Outreach

Campus Outreach is interdenominational Christian ministry that focuses on leadership development, and hosts discussions on life and faith

Campus to City Wesley(CCW)

CCW exists to reach college-aged young adults on the campuses of Northeast Florida and prepare them to be leaders and laborers for the cities of the world. We aspire to be a diverse community of disciples and seekers who will live to make Jesus famous — transforming the world for the glory of God.

Caribbean Student Association

The purpose of the Caribbean Student Association is to unite and highlight the cultures and identities of the West Indies. We aim to raise awareness of West Indian/Caribbean cultures and identities through social, educational, and recreational means. We also aim to raise awareness of social, political, and educational topics found in the West Indian/Caribbean and West Indian/Caribbean-American communities

Catholic Ospreys (CO)

UNF's Catholic outreach ministry which fosters knowledge of Biblical Christianity, Jesus Christ, and the Church He founded, among the students at University of North Florida.

What Catholic Ospreys provide:
-- Catholic Mass on Campus and in our Student Center Chapel
-- Monthly PRIMETIME events (First Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted)
-- Fellowship among other Catholic students
-- Monthly Men's and Ladies nights
-- Liturgy of the Hours
-- Catholic 101 - Presentation and Discussion of various topics relevant to Faith and Practice
-- Rosary on the Green Mon - Fri at Noon
-- Praise & Worship
-- Divine Mercy Chaplet
-- Adoration
-- Social Events
-- Small Group Discussions
-- Service Opportunities

Local Parish: Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

Ceramics Guild

The UNF Ceramics Guild is a collection of students that are passionate about clay. They focus on developing themselves as artists, improving the quality of their education, and engaging the surrounding community.

Chess Club

The purpose of the Chess Club is to bring chess players throughout UNF together, encourage learning, and provide the opportunity to play over the board Chess. We may also play other board games and card games.

Chets College Ministry

The Chets College Ministry is a community that seeks Jesus through the Bible for salvation, grows more like Christ together, and lives on mission daily for God's glory. We look to grow in relationship and serve the people on the UNF Campus and in the Jacksonville community through outreach and having fun with one another.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (XA)

A coed Christian organization, whose sole purpose is to see a community of Christian fellowship, brotherhood and sisterhood thrive at UNF

Chi Sigma Iota; Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter

Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) is an international honor society that values academic and professional excellence in counseling. We promote a strong professional identity through members who contribute to the realization of a healthy society by fostering wellness and human dignity

Child Psychology Club

The purpose of this club shall be to to promote education of careers in the field of child psychology, various topics in child psychology, and volunteer opportunities in child psychology.

Chinese Club

To promote Mandarin language acquisition and cross-cultural understanding (with more of a focus on Mandarin speaking countries) 

Chinese Culture Club

The UNF Chinese Culture Club's purpose is to educate and inspire interest in Chinese culture and language.  There are no requirements to be apart of the CCC!  We meet officially on a monthly basis and communicate via email or our Facebook page.

We hold fun events and work with local Chinese organizations to accomplish our goals.

Christians On Campus

The primary purpose of this organization is:

1. To study the Bible.
2. To promote fellowship among believers in Jesus Christ and to foster growth in the Christian life and thus to help students to live according to the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament.
3. To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the Bible to interested students through passing out literature and sponsoring seminars and Bible studies.

Circle K International

Circle K International (CKI) is the premier collegiate and university community service, leadership development, and friendship organization in the world. With more than 13,770 members in 17 nations, CKI is making a positive impact on the world every day. You can make a difference with us! Check out our social media pages for our latest updates.

Climbing Club

Climbing Club is a place where students can create and develop climbing strengths. We practice three times a week (two days are rock climbing biased and one day is cross training). 

   We also train for competitive climbing. Our competition season are in both fall and spring

Club Basketball

Basketball, as all sports, takes blood, sweat and tears. I want to give the students at the University of North Florida a chance to continue their basketball career at the club level. We will discuss STATS, watch basketball games, gather for meetings every month, and play basketball at the field house. We will be open to helping with both the men’s and women's basketball team as well as hold camps for youth and any individuals who seek to improve their basketball skills. We encourage all who believes they can benefit to come out!

Club Golf Team

We compete in tournaments put on by NCCGA


Club Tennis

Club tennis is open to all skill levels. We compete 1-3 times a month against other Florida schools with the USTA tennis on campus. We hold weekly practices and match up players of similar abilities. Although, instruction is offered if a player is having difficult

CMD+N Graphic Design Club

CMD+N is where UNF designers come together to build a strong community of friends with the common interest of graphic design & digital media. We post information regarding the club meetings/updates, design events, job/volunteer opportunities, and links related to our field. 

Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI)

As a chapter of the National COPRI Organization our group works to promote student involvement in Coastal Engineering projects. Specifically, we enhance the experience of UNF students through partnerships with the Taylor Engineering Research Institute (TERI) and many local engineering companies.

College Democrats

College Democrats is an organization that allows college students to engage with the Democratic Party, learn about policy issues and upcoming elections, and to get involved with working government officials and campaigns on not only the local and state level, but the national level as well. Our goal at the UNF College Democrats is to not only inform and educate college students on national, state, and local issues, but to be a resource for students actively seeking internships and opportunities  for involvement in politics and actively work towards building a greater society 

College Republicans

A politically driven club which represents the official Republican Party and strives to motivate students to voice their opinions and grow in their mutual views.


Competitive Cheerleading Team

   The UNF Competitive Cheerleading Team is a group of highly motivated individuals who come together as a team to represent our university at NCA College Nationals and other local competitions. Open to boys and girls of all majors

CoPassion LAB

We believe you can change the world by integrating faith and work. Join the movement to make the name of Jesus famous at UNF. Grow spiritually in community and gain knowledge professionally through discipleship, mentoring, internships, leadership and more.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Club

The purpose of the association is to provide a social forum for students to facilitate collegiality and other interaction between students of Criminology and Criminal Justice, as well as other related interests at the University of North Florida. Club members are encouraged to attend association meetings, sponsored events, and activities. Through participation students will develop greater understanding of the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice, receive information on practical aspects of the system, and remain abreast of changes in the discipline.


Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Cycle Club

Open to anyone on two wheels, whether it be road, trail, mountain, fixed, cruiser or park. We are advocating for fitness, knowledge, and most importantly enjoyment through weekly training, bike clinics, and fun group events like scavenger hunts, chases, and races. No experience or dues required. 

Dance Appreciation

Dance Appreciation Club, where we focus on learning about the art of dance and going to group outings related to dance followed by discussions. It's an open space where people who have no dance experience can come and appreciate the technique, style, and art of dance. We would focus on ballroom styles, ballet, and different cultural dances. There will be one workshop a month where we learn a dance and perform it within the club for fun!

Dance Marathon

UNF DM is a part of a nationwide movement involving college and high school students across the country, all raising money for the Children’s Miracle Network hospital in their community. Students spend a year learning invaluable leadership and life skills while raising funds and interacting with children’s hospital patients and families. The year culminates with an event in which students stay on their feet through dancing, games, and entertainment in celebration of the total raised that year. Locally, Dance Marathon at UNF is a 12 hour student-run philanthropic event that raises funds and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia. All of the money raised by students benefits the pediatric programs at UF Health Jacksonville and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. 


Deadbird Rugby Club

The UNF Deadbird Rugby Club is a nationally recognized Small College Rugby Program. We play Union style rugby and compete under the NSCRO league. No experience no problem. Many of our players come from a football background and have adapted to the game. Practice is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games on Saturday.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a co-ed business fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities. We promote professionalism, community service and brotherhood. As a group, we hold professional, community service and social events throughout the semester. Delta Sigma Pi is a great way to gain a larger network of like-minded people and increase your understanding of the professional world.

Design-Build Institute of America

The purpose of The Design-Build Institute of America – UNF Student Chapter is to raise the awareness of students, who are not required to have past experience in building, but should show an interest in the construction industry. We provide an ample amount of resources and experiences involving industry professionals leading to internships and future careers.

Dive Club

   If you have a passion or interest in scuba diving, free diving, and/or spearfishing, then join the UNF Dive Club! There are no required minimum certification levels to join, meaning scuba certification is not a requirement to join the club or go on trips. We are a group of students who plan dive trips, help students become scuba certified, and share the common interest of scuba diving/ free diving/ spearfishing. We dive both salt and fresh waters and only ask for a club fee of $3 to go on trips.

Divest: UNF for Climate Justice

We are a student-led initiative to divest the UNF endowment from fossil fuel extraction companies. (Divestment is simply the opposite of investment- getting rid of stocks, bonds, investment funds that are unethical or morally ambiguous).  We advocate for social, environmental, and economic justice.

We believe that educational institutions that serve the public good should not subsidize companies that are jeopardizing the futures of their students. These companies are culpable for the carbon emissions condemning us to global climate change and sea level rise. They are responsible for blocking alternative energy progress, carbon-restrictive legislation, and for violating human rights. Transition away from fossil fuels has been hindered by the industry’s money, political connections, and tacit acceptance from institutions like ours.
Divestment is a tactic of nonviolent direct action to enact social change. Like a large scale boycott. We join thousands of universities, cities, churches and foundations in an international fossil fuel divestment movement. We believe UNF can play a role in the fight for climate justice, by publicly ending investments in fossil fuels because injustice is not an investment.

Economics Society

The purpose of the Economics Society at UNF is to further the interests of the UNF student about the field of economics.
Through professional speakers, events and open forums we hope to enhance the knowledge of economic factors in the local, national and global economy. The Economics Society is open to all UNF students and is a great way to get involved on campus and within the community.

Elite Dance

We are a community of dancers who want to spread dance all throughout UNF. During club meetings we teach different styles of dance and expand choreography experience. We also perform on campus at different events and for various organizations. We are a family and would love for you to join.

English Graduate Organization (EGO)

   The English Graduate Organization is a social and pre-professional organization for graduate students of the University of North Florida's English Department. The M.A. in English is one of the oldest programs at UNF, created in 1973. The English Graduate Organization co-hosts the Annual English Graduate Student Conference, holds readings of critical and creative writing, and organizes sessions to discuss topics of interest to graduate students.
   The E.G.O. provides graduate students a chance to contribute to the life of the department and the university. In addition, the E.G.O. is a way for students to advise and help one another navigate their way through the graduate studies program.

Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Innovators

The UNF Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Innovators mission is to educate all UNF students on how to create successful business start-ups. We seek to expand their knowledge of business development, while fostering creativity and developing leadership and communication skills. We also seek to provide students with the resources needed for any entrepreneurial venture while serving as a means to connect with other UNF entrepreneurial minds in all fields of study.

Environmental Center Student Coalition

The Environmental Center Student Coalition is the Environmental Center’s new student organization. This organization enables students to volunteer, participate and plan environmental based events such as camping and service projects. Participation in the student organization provides like-minded students with the opportunity to contribute to campus sustainability. Students will gain leadership experience by participating in events guided by the Student Coalition.

Environmental Club

It is the prerogative and passion of the Environmental club to increase awareness of environmental functions and threats throughout the student body whilst also engaging in environmental activism that fosters ambition and feelings of efficacy in all students interested in making a meaningful difference. The Environmental Club will be an opportunity for students interested in a range of topics relevant to environmental preservation and biology to team up and share ideas while exploring outlets for their interests.

Equestrian Club and Team

The UNF Equestrian Club and Team strives to promote outstanding academics, community service, school spirit, sportsmanship, and horsemanship. Our club and team are dedicated to serving our University and the Jacksonville area by providing opportunities for students to compete on a collegiate level, and by giving back to the community. No horse experience is necessary, and horses and tack are provided. Come join us!


We bring the excitement of being part of a real ESPN crew. We attend most sporting events at UNF and film the sports to be broadcast on ESPN 3. We film all home Volleyball, Men & Women basketball, baseball and softball games. .

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is the IEEE Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers at the University of North Florida. HKN acts in partnership with UNF IEEE to recognize scholarship and excellence in the engineering community.

Eta Sigma Gamma

Eta Sigma Gamma, University of North Florida Alpha Gamma Chapter is the national professional health education honorary.
Our purpose is to:
- Enhance professional competence and dedication of individual members to the health education profession
- Elevate the standards, ideals, competence and ethics of professionally trained men and women in and for the Health Science discipline.

How to Join ESG:
- Be in the Undergraduate or Masters in Public Health Programs
- Complete application
- Have an upper level GPA of at least a 3.0
- Turn in the application, along with a copy of your degree evaluation, and a check for $75

Every Nation Campus (ENC)

Every Nation Campus is a family on His mission together to change the world.

Exercise Science Student Association (ESSA)

The mission of the Exercise Science Program is to prepare students with professional skills and analytical abilities to assume prominent positions in health, fitness, and strength and conditioning across the state and nation. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Fellowship of Christian Athletes aims to unite UNF Athletes, sports enthusiasts, and sports fans through the Christian faith via weekly bible study, food, games, and many more events throughout the year! Follow our Instagram page for more details: unf_fca

Feminist Club

Feminism: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. 

This club's goal is to promote equality, educate the community, and empower women and men to stand up for each other in order to further the world. Feminism today sometimes has a bad connotation and we want to change that. Interested? 
Email us at

Filipino Student Association

The Filipino Student Association at the University of North Florida prides itself on internal cultural diversity. Don't let the name fool you, we avidly encourage people from all different cultures to join! With current members from all different cultures, FSA strives to promote the loving family vibe and connection that all Filipinos share. The club provides just that source of family, as its members assimilate to life on their own in college, through the Ate-Kuya-Ading (AKA) Program. The AKA Program is, essentially, one that brings members closer together by grouping them into sibling groups; "Ate" meaning big sister, "Kuya" meaning big brother, and "Ading" meaning little sibling. Join today and find your family away from home!

Film Club (UNFFC)

We show niche films weekly and provide a community for students to engage with film and expand each others' knowledge of film.

Filmmaking Club

The Filmmaking Club at UNF allows like-minded individuals to pursue their interest for filmmaking in a positive and collaborative, hands-on environment.


Finance and Investment Society (FIS)

The Finance and Investment Society is open to all students interested in acquiring knowledge about banking, finance, and investment topics.
The society offers many activities during the year including socials with the business community, various speakers, and an annual banquet. The Society sponsors the Portfolio Trading Challenge and provides awards for the best student performers. FIS is among the top 5% of university finance clubs around the country according to the Financial Management Association (FMA).
Each year, students are selected to attend the annual FMA Leaders’ Conference held in cities like Chicago, Denver, Washington DC, and New York. UNF FIS won the 2010 FMA Leaders’ Quiz Bowl.
Students are automatically made members of the FMA and Association for Financial Professionals with FIS membership. Students from all disciplines are strongly encouraged to become active members of the Finance and Investment Society.

Financial Planning Association Student Chapter (UNF FPA)

The UNF Financial Planning Association gives students an atmosphere to learn about financial planning. The club provides students with exposure to financial planning professionals, internship, and employment opportunities, and an environment to develop leadership skills. 

Florida Engineering Society

The purpose of the Florida Engineering Society is to offer students with interest in engineering a chance to network with student and professional engineers through roundtable discussions on current engineering topics such as licensure. 

Florida Structural Engineers Association (FSEA)

The purpose of FSEA is to expose engineering students to professionals that specialize in structural engineering. You will have the opportunity to network and resolve any questions that you may have about structural engineering. 

Food 4 Thought

Food 4 Thought is an initiative to bring students together to discuss current topics of interest over a provided dinner by Jacksonville Campus Ministry. 

Food Fighters: Student-Powered Hunger Relief

The Food Fighters are a group of students aiming to reduce hunger and food waste on campus and in Jacksonville. Replicating the models of the Food Recovery Network and the Campus Kitchen Project, we will recover leftover food from stores, restaurants, and groceries, and cook a well-balanced meal to serve to community partners such as food pantries and homeless shelters. Our mission extends beyond the meal, since we also plan to offer cooking and nutrition classes and create a platform for open discussion about issues and interests among the Jacksonville community.


Forensic Science Club

Forensic Science Club explores issues in the many Forensic Sciences and is open to all students in all majors. During Research Week we annually hold Forensic Science Day

French Club

Promote French Language Acquisition (Primarily) and Culture

Game Club

UNF Game Club is all about celebrating and encouraging non-athletic competitive and cooperative play. Stop by and join in on board games and card games alike! If you're interested in having fun, making new friends, and playing new games this club is for you. 

Gaming and Application Development

The club will promote meetings, discussions, and competitions in gaming, application development, and computer programming languages. The goal will be to provide opportunities to UNF students that increase their awareness and communication in these areas of computer technology.

German Club (UNFGC)

   To promote German language acquisition and cross-cultural understanding (focusing more on Germanic culture). 


To promote sustainable volunteering within the Jacksonville community.

Graduate Psychology Organization

This organization is for graduate students in the Master's of Psychology in Psychological Science Program (MSPS) at UNF. 

Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The purpose of this organization shall be to represent the Graduate Student Body while collaborating with Student Government, Faculty, University staff, Student Union, and Student Affairs to provide aid to all students in support of all programs of practical value to the University, the Community, and Society. This shall include but not limited to the following:
   A. Provide support for student and campus initiatives, while focusing on Sustainable Development Goals.
   B. Foster maturity by providing Forward-Thinking support to Committees focused on Diversity and Inclusion.
   C. To advance the reputation and assist in the expansion of graduate programs, and to promote quality teaching and research at the University of North Florida.
   D. Provide collective aid to students and faculty with the overarching goal of establishing a link between Student Government and the Graduate Student Organization.
    a. Forming a Continuity of Government and Continuity of Program-Initiatives for all who aspire to further their education at the University of North Florida. 

Grappling Club

A student run organization that focuses on introducing and improving Grappling & Jiu Jitsu and self defense skills to anyone willing to learn.


Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter

Habitat for Humanity Campus Chapter at UNF is volunteering with Beaches Habitat to build houses for those in need. We will participate in the Habitat for Humanity collegiate challenge and travel. The club is open to all students.

Happy Trees

  Let your creative side flow! Name inspired by Bob Ross, "Happy Trees" is a peaceful, stress free environment where students can paint, draw and exercise or explore their creativity. Don't worry if you've never painted before, come find a new appreciation for it! If you love the arts, this club is for you! 

Health Administration Student Association (HASA)

The Health Administration Student Association (HASA) is the University of North Florida’s student chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE). The goal of HASA is to encourage the growth of future healthcare leaders by providing opportunities for knowledge application in real-life settings, networking opportunities, and professional growth. By doing so, HASA hopes to accomplish the mission of raising enough funds to further develop all current and future members in their leadership skills through their attendance at the American College of Healthcare Executives Annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership.

Healthy Osprey Club

The Healthy Osprey Alliance's purpose is to explore the various dimensions of wellness to discover what it means to live holistically. We aim to unite like-minded individuals to improve the health culture of our university.
Our goal is to increase the holistic health of the campus. We do this by creating a myriad of events and collaborations, such as: campus clean-ups, biking events to reduce CO2 emissions and to learn bike repairs, meditation workshops, cooking demonstrations, slack-lining, garden potlucks & yoga classes, supporting the UNF Real Food Challenge and Divest UNF, and holding finance knowledge workshops.

Home Brew Club

The UNF Home Brew Club is an organization of aspiring brewers and beer connoisseurs. This club is open to UNF students, alumni, faculty, and the Jacksonville community. The purpose of this club is to promote alcohol awareness, learn the art/science of home brewing and the equipment involved, and create a thriving community of home brewers that exchange brew ideas and recipes. We also work to establish connections with Jacksonville’s local breweries to learn from professional brewers. If you are a fellow home brewer or just looking to expand your knowledge about brewing then come to any of our events!


The purpose of the UNF HOOP JAM is to welcome students into a healthy, happy, and stress free environment. This is a time where students can meet new people, exercise, enjoy the outdoors, and jam to tunes in a welcoming environment.


Just bring a positive mindset, and awaken your inner hula hoop spirit!


For those interested in pioneering a fresh and innovative experience like no other through dance, you've come to the right place. The Illusionz dance team will heavily embrace women empowerment and fierceness in the most entertaining and sophisticated fashion through hip - hop choreography. Illusionz will provide and create the experience of a unique dance team, placing emphasis on increasing school spirit, excitement, and intrigue. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- Student Branch

The UNF student chapter of IEEE is a student led technology organization that participates in robotic based outreach and competitions. Monthly meetings are held with professionals to learn about different companies or to help develop the professional skills of its members. IEEE is an international organization whose core purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers: Computer Society

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering-Computer Society is the world’s leading organization for computing professionals and offers excellent publications, conferences, technical journals, certifications and more. We strive to expose our student members to local professionals and activities that inspire and prepare them for their professional careers. 

Interdisciplinary Studies Club

Interdisciplinary Studies Club is to form a community within the Interdisciplinary program for students share ideas, passions, and growing opportunities about this field of study.


International Ospreys

The purpose of International Ospreys is to increase diversity through programs and events that showcase a culturally enriched environment and traditions of UNF International Students and keeping all channels of communication open in order to promote a global learning environment on the UNF campus.

International Youth Fellowship at UNF

The purpose of IYF is to bring today’s youth together and promote intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social growth in the university students through different activities including cultural diversity programs, volunteer promotions, free classes and leadership mind lectures . Through the activities mentioned, students will be able to learn about different cultures, volunteer opportunities that will shape student’s hearts, acquire new knowledge and skills, life lessons and leadership knowledge through the Christian mindset

Jewish Ospreys

The Jewish Ospreys is one of over 100 on-site Chabad on Campus clubs across America. We offer the anchor and embrace of 'family' for Jewish students regardless of background, observance or affiliation. Consider our address one you can turn to for any reason at all 24 hours a day.
   Students join the Jewish Ospreys for many different reasons:
   Some come on a Friday night for a bowl of homemade chicken soup and fresh baked challah. Some come simply to socialize - to relax and enjoy themselves with Jewish student activities such as kosher cooking, outdoor trips, Israel birthright trips and more.
   Some come during a moment of personal crisis knowing they will always get a discreet, sympathetic ear, a warm open heart, and appropriate advice or referrals;
   Some come for one of the myriad classes offered or simply to ask serious questions about Judaism;
   The Jewish Ospreys is inherently extroverted, and an active and highly visible presence throughout campus, reaching out to Jewish students through tabling, holiday celebrations, at the Student Union, dorms, and Greek Houses.
   Leadership: At our affiliated student groups, students are invited to take leadership roles on campus, helping foster the creation of the next generation of empowered Jewish leadership
   Tradition: At the Jewish Ospreys, students have the ability to discover the warmth and beauty of their heritage, and learn to apply the timeless Jewish principle of Ahavat Israel.
   Community: We believe that family and community are vital keys to character building. That's why we open our home to students, helping inspire them with a respect for family values and a deep meaningful concern for the land of Israel.
   Future: We believe that Jewish education and meaningful experiences are the grass-roots method to fighting indifference, apathy and assimilation that face our community today. For there to be a Jewish tomorrow, our students need to have a Jewish today!

Jewish Student Union (JSU)

The Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a student organization whose goal is to provide programming that caters to the interests of all the Jewish students at the University of North Florida.
We want to build a strong Jewish community at UNF and provide an atmosphere in which students off all stripes can interact and have fun.

Kickboxing Club

We are the UNF Kickboxing Club. We are here to practice kickboxing and promote health and fitness.

Knitting Ospreys

The Knitting Ospreys is an on-campus needlecraft club of the University of North Florida. The student group exchanges tips and expertise on knitting, crocheting, weaving, embroidery, etc. to those interested in learning and refining such crafts. We welcome members who want to work on other kinds of crafts--even bookbinding is a needlecraft!--and encourage you to define your work creatively. If you need help starting your first hat, or casting your first stitch, or simply want to know more about this set of skills, email or come visit the Knitting Ospreys!

Korean Pop Culture Club

UNF K-POP seeks to bring together students who are interested in exploring Korean pop culture through Korean dramas, TV shows, Korean pop music, fashion, and cuisine.


Krishna Club

Krishna Club is a community of people at the University of North Florida who love coming together to grow in spiritual life and have FUN. This organization is for EVERYONE, is not sectarian, and provides an open atmosphere for spiritual exploration and discussion. Our overall purpose is to learn, share, and apply the practices of bhakti yoga (linking to God through devotion) to develop our personal spiritual lives. Club meetings generally involve kirtan (musical meditation), readings from prominent Vedic texts such as Bhagavad-gita As It Is, and discussion of spiritual concepts such as karma, yoga, self-realization, and God-realization.

Latin American Business Club

The purpose of the UNF Latin American Business Club is to create space of investigation, discussion, and encounter of Latin American business. The organization will study how Latin American business works, how it affects the Jacksonville community and the state of Florida, and connect its students with professionals of the area

Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

The purpose of the Latin American Student Organization is to educate and celebrate Latin American culture (i.e. language, hobbies, dance, food, etc.), to build a stronger community, and to encourage diversity and inclusion within UNF and the Latin-American population of north Florida

Leaders and Activists for the Disabled

The purpose of this club is to know the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), become aware of disabilities and those who have them, raise awareness for disability rights and conditions, and help with ADA implementation at the university and beyond. Anyone is welcome to come and join, or simply observe a meeting.

Marine Biology Club (MBC)

Marine Biology Club is open to all students who are interested in the ocean and want to learn more about the marine world. Our goal is to educate students about marine life while having fun through presentations, documentary nights, trivia nights, and events such as beach cleanups. Our goal is also to spread awareness about the current issues that ocean ecosystems are facing due to human actions. We encourage members to take an active role in conservation and environmental education.

Mathematics and Statistics club

The purpose of Mathematics and Statistics Club is to promote the scholarly activities in mathematics and statistics among students at UNF and surrounding academic institutions and businesses. The purpose of Mathematics and Statistics club is also to engage in activities designed to promote the mathematical/statistical scholarly development of its members and sponsor talks, competitions, and volunteerism that further the previously mentioned purpose.


   MEDLIFE is a network of medical professionals, motivated students, and trained staff who work together with communities in need to deliver better access to Medicine, Education, and Development

Men of Vision and Energy

   Student based club focusing on helping the UNF & Jacksonville community. Also promoting a fun and safe environment for all. 

Men’s Chorale Club

The UNF Men's Chorale is open to experienced student singers who enjoy part-singing, and offers a unique experience performing within a small, all-male vocal ensemble. Participation in this club encourages commitment, dedication, and personal growth as musicians and performers. This ensemble meets once a week to rehearse, and students have the opportunity to conduct and arrange for the group. Their repertoire is innovative, traditional, and fun, cutting across the genres of Barbershop, R&B, Doo-Wop, World Music, and Classical Music.

Men's Club Soccer

The Men's Club Soccer Club (UNF FC) is a club that focuses on commitment, brotherhood, competitive soccer and physical training in order to compete against other universities in the state of Florida. These games may be local or state tournaments, friendly matches and regular season games.

Mens Lacrosse (UNFLAX)

Osprey Lacrosse exists to compete with other teams in the state playing Lacrosse and spreading the knowledge of the sport with other student athletes.

Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN)

The purpose of UNF Microsoft Developers Network is to provide the tools and resources in order to develop applications for various Windows marketplaces.   UNF MSDN will offer opportunities for students to interact with guest speakers and to participate as a community of developers for Windows devices.

Mock Trial Team (MTT)

The main focus and goal for the Mock Trial Team is to create an environment where students can prepare and compete within the American Mock Trial Association.

Model United Nations

Model United Nations brings together students of all interests and majors in order to participate in simulations, socials, and conferences with an international and diplomatic focus. Model UN is one of UNF's most decorated clubs and competition teams travel all over the US to participate in simulated United Nations representing a myriad of nations and policy. 

Musical Theater Club

A gathering of students who love musical theater and are dedicated to their growth as participants in both the performance and technical aspects. We look forward to putting on a great production this year! (You do not need to be in the production to be in the club; or in the club to audition for the production.)

Muslim Student Association

UNF MSA is a faith-based student organization at UNF that provides educational, social and spiritual activities for its members. We seek to provide a community for the Muslim students on campus at UNF and also to invite non-Muslim students and faculty to join in learning about Islam and the many cultures and beliefs of those who practice it.

Nappy Roots Natural Hair

Focusing on the Au Natruale regimens, products, and options for hair, skin, nails, and diet. Hair typing, tutorials, and techniques demonstrated. Growing healthy hair, beards, ad skin across campus. All Textures Welcomed! Men encouraged to join! 

National Association for Music Education Collegiate Chapter

The National Association for Music Education Collegiate Chapter is an organization that advocates and promotes awareness for music education. We provide resources for students interested in becoming music educators, we host professional development evens, and offer a variety of opportunities for students.

National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

The mission of the National Association of Black Accountants is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance professions with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in its successors. NABA UNF is dedicated to the academic success and professional development of Coggin College Business students through:

Peer Mentorship
Regional & National Scholarships
Student Conferences
Community Outreach
Professional Networking & Mentorship
Internship and Career Opportunities

National Association of Home Builders

The NAHB student chapter of UNF is the only construction management club at the the University of North Florida that focuses on the housing market and land development. The chapter came in second place in 2014 in the National Association of home builders residential construction management competition and came in second place in 2015 for the most outstanding student chapter in the nation.

National Society of Black Engineers

Our mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. Our club is open to all STEM majors and ethnicity that agree with the mission.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is a national honors organization that recognizes academic achievement and provide opportunities for members to develop leadership skills. Members can positively change UNF by becoming more involved in their community through making connections with fellow high achieving students, participating in service activities, and preparing for future endeavors such as internships and career goals.

National Society of Women in Science

The National Society of Women in Science (NSWS) is open to all college students. We are committed to providing a congenial environment for women pursuing an natural or social science degree as well as educating the minds of women in all science fields, encouraging more female leaders in the industry and community.



We are a Christian on-campus ministry that strives to know Christ and to make Him known.

Neuroscience Club

The purpose of UNF Neuro events and club meetings are to benefit any student interested in learning more about the neuroscience field and career possibilities! Exposure to the neuroscience field through community speakers offers students insight on clinical and research environments, as well as information on the most cutting-edge innovations in this profession.

North Florida Barbell

North Florida Barbell intends to facilitate an environment for like-minded individuals who have an interest in powerlifting. Individuals with any level of experience are welcome to join.

North Florida Wrestling

The purpose of North Florida Wrestling is to promote awareness of the sport of wrestling and provide an avenue for students to compete collegiately and also stay active in the north Florida area

Nutrition Journal Club (NJC)

The purpose of the UNF Nutrition Journal Club is to enrich students’ understanding of current research topics in the field of nutrition and dietetics and promote open communication about such topics, with the hopes of enhancing scientific discussion and the exchange of ideas relevant to the classroom setting.

Opera Ensemble

Opera Ensemble affords students the opportunity to grow in their classical musicianship and on stage experience through regular rehearsals and performing in full scale opera productions.

Operation Smile

The goal of Operation Smile Club is to help raise awareness and funding for children around the world to get safe surgeries for cleft lips and cleft palates. Every 3 minutes a child is born with a cleft lip/palate and the ones who survive infancy have difficulty eating, speaking, socializing, or smiling. All the things that are important in childhood. Some children are rejected by their families and peers and others simply don't have access to safe surgeries and have no options. That's where we come in. By being a part of UNF's Operation Smile Club you are improving the world around you all while enhancing your undergraduate career. The Operation Smile Club is all about working together to change lives and have fun doing it!

Organic Project

   We are a student initiative on campus that encourages living a holistic and organic lifestyle. We use the garden on campus as a way to bring personal revelation to students by providing workshops, potlucks and camping trips. These activities encourage bonding with each other and connect us with the earth we are trying to protect.

Osprey Book Club

   Sign up for our monthly book club groups and attend meetings to discuss our readings! More information available on our Facebook page. 

Osprey Cuong Nhu (OCN)

The Osprey Cuong Nhu club is the University of North Florida’s very own Cuong martial arts organization. Named in honor after UNF’s osprey mascot, the Black Talon Dojo is the revival of the grand Osprey Dojo formed several years ago right on the UNF campus!
Cuong Nhu is a versatile martial arts that incorporates elements from 7 different styles: Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Judo, American Boxing, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, and Vovinam. It is the blending of hard and soft martial arts techniques. In the Black Talon Dojo, we practice kata, self-defense, weapons, sparring, combinations, and philosophy. Come train in the Black Talon Dojo to enhance your mind, body, and spirit!

Osprey Episcopalians Birds of Pray (OEBOP)

Who are the Osprey Episcopalians Birds of Pray:
* We are the student club for the Episcopalian Church at UNF.
* We are followers of Jesus Christ Our Lord.
* We strive to love our neighbors as ourselves.
* We focus on Prayer, Fellowship and Outreach.
* We respect the dignity of every person.
* We trace our heritage to the beginning of Christianity.
* Our liturgy (the way we worship) retains ancient structure and traditions and is celebrated in many languages.
* All baptized Christians may receive Holy Communion.
* We uphold the Bible and worship with the Book of Common Prayer.
* We celebrate our unity in Christ while honoring our differences, always putting the work of love before uniformity of opinion.
* All are welcome to find a spiritual home at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer - 7500 Southside Blvd.

Our Leadership Team:

Lexy Fields – President
George Saltzgiver – Treasurer
Maggie McNabb – Secretary

Osprey Fit

This is a club at UNF meant to encourage people to be fit, make other friends with common fitness goals, and to share their fitness tips and tricks!

Osprey Interpreters

The purpose of Osprey Interpreters is to provide University of North Florida ASL/English interpreting students, and students who are interested in the field of interpreting, with opportunities specific to interpreting rooted in the Deaf Community while furthering their education through trips, workshops, and special events related to interpreting.

Osprey Offroad

Osprey Offroad is a UNF club geared toward students who are offroad enthusiasts. We plan our offroading trips, help each other with upgrading/repairing, and hold an annual show n' shine on campus.

Osprey Raiders ( ARMY R.O.T.C)

Osprey Raiders is an organization designed and focused on building leadership and team work attributes. The club focuses on training and developing skills that are essential for success in civilian and military leadership roles

Osprey Robotics

 Osprey Robotics is the umbrella club for all robotics teams at UNF. Currently, the only team hosted under Osprey Robotics is the Osprey Miners. The Osprey Miners compete in the NASA Robotic Mining Competition, which is held at the Kenndey Space Center. The club members are mainly Mechanical Engineering majors but welcome all majors

Osprey South Asian Association (OSAA)

The primary purpose of this organization is to unite students from South Asian origin and other cultures as well as to facilitate a cultural exchange. These goals shall be achieved through: 1. Events and activities related to customs and festivals celebrated throughout South Asia 2. Helping new students coming to study at UNF with housing and other questions or concerns they may have

Osprey Volunteers

The purpose of the UNF Osprey Volunteer Club is to ensure we are involved in our community and on campus volunteer events. The UNF Osprey Volunteer Club helps with big organization and small on campus volunteer events.


Osprey Writing Life (OWL)

   Osprey Writing Life is a club that brings together writers of all genres in a safe environment. Come and share what you are proud of and get feedback that can help you become a stronger writer. 

OspreyAlpha (OA)

OspreyAlpha is the University of North Florida student chapter of the American Statistical Association. As a pre-professional club, OspreyAlpha organizes events that help UNF students learn about statistics-related careers. All UNF students are free to become members of OspreyAlpha by joining this LinkedIn group. OspreyAlpha members will receive priority invitations and accommodations to all club events.

Ospreys for Refugee Relief

With an influx of refugees residing in the Jacksonville community, Ospreys for Refugee Relief (ORR), aims to welcome, mentor and assist refugee children in their settlement by teaching them English through our Take Flight Project. ORR aims to bring students from all majors and walks of life together to make a difference in impacting the lives of children that are in need of assistance in their accustomization to the English language. Founder and president of ORR, Amani Marar, has been an active volunteer in assisting the Syrian refugees in Jacksonville for the past two years; this club aims to serve as a continuum of such service with the goal of seeking long-term impact. This organization serves as a sister chapter with the University of Florida and Florida State University. In collaboration with our neighboring schools, rotations and programs are organized in a timely matter. 

Ospreys On Ice

   We are a collective group of members interested in the complexities of ice skating. This includes all skill levels and open minds! Our team will be comprised of all different experience levels and people. 

Ospreys United

The purpose of Ospreys United is to prepare freshmen for a successful college experience with a concentration on study skills, involvement on campus, and tutoring. By pairing underclassmen with upperclassmen who will mentor them during their first year at UNF

Paint Guild

   The University of North Florida Paint Guild is dedicated to elevating artistic awareness and participation. Dynamic events and exhibitions encourage and promote the arts on campus and in the community

Performers Collective

The UNF Performers Collective is a community that gives students opportunities to perform and hone their craft in the safe setting of the UNF campus. We aim to encourage creativity and bridge the gap between the music program and the students on campus. We will act as a creative outlet for musicians, artists, and tech students.

Phi Alpha Delta

UNF's pre-law chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International. We are a professional fraternity that works to advance integrity, compassion, and courage through service to the student, the school, the profession and the community. 

Phi Alpha Honor Society

The purpose of Phi Alpha Honor Society is to provide a closer bond among students of social work and promote humanitarian goals and ideas. Phi Alpha fosters high standards of education for social workers and invites into membership those who have attained excellence in scholarship and achievement in social work.

Phi Alpha Honor Society
Established 1962

Phi Alpha Theta

“We are a professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and ideas

among historians. We seek to bring students and teachers together for intellectual and social exchanges, which promote and assist historical research and publication by our members in a variety of ways.”

Philosophy Forum

Philosophy Forum allows all interested in philosophy to freely test out ideas as well as engage in philosophical discourse within a safe space

Photo Club

The UNF Photo Club is an organization designed to challenge photographers outside of the classroom with small assignments as well as an off campus juried show once a semester.


Pinky Promise UNF

  Pinky Promise is a decision to honor God with your life and your body. Pinky Promise is a safe place for women to get together and be honest about their weaknesses and strengths. Whether you are single or marrieded

Political Science Club

The premier UNF club to think big and save the world! Guaranteed to stimulate and motivate! Come find out why so many UNF students come to our meetings - and it's not just the free pizza!

Pre Law Students Organization Alliance (PLSOA)

This organization is an extension of the UNF Pre-Law Program. We connect students with other students who are planning on going to Law School and prepare them to get there. This organization works with Professor Edward's Pre-Law Program, offering students networking opprotunities, LSAT Prep, and different career oriented workshops. PLSOA is home for the UNF Chapter Phi Alpha Delta, which is an international Pre-Law Fraternity. To learn how this organization can help you achieve your goals, please email


The UNF Pre-Dental club supports students who many be interested in applying to dental school. We are led by a group of upperclassmen who have applied to dental school or who are planning to apply soon. They are there to support our fellow students throughout the process including shadowing, volunteer experience, the DAT, dental school visits, etc. We meet on a monthly basis, and get together periodically for other volunteer events.

Pre-Pharmacy Club

The purpose of the Pre-Pharmacy Club is to engage and unite UNF students who are interested in pursuing the field of pharmacy. Pre-Pharmacy Club will help provide resources and connections through different pharmacy schools and through union of students so that our members have a head start in pharmacy.

Pre-Physical Therapy Association(PPTA)

 The purpose of The Pre-Physical Therapy Association is to prepare undergraduate students who are interested in pursuing careers in physical therapy. The club will do so by providing students with insight into the physical therapy profession, as well as to provide students with additional resources to achieve their goals. 

Pre-Physician Assistant Club

The purpose of the Pre-Physician Assistant Club is to help get students prepared for PA school. This involves education on the process of becoming a PA, helping students get involved with volunteer projects, as well as networking with medical professionals.

Pride Club

Pride Club is an organization dedicated to being a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and allies. We act as both a social group an activist organization. All are welcome.

Print Guild

UNF Print Guild is a student run collective that seeks to develop the artistic community among students interested in printmaking through the use of collaborative efforts and ingenuity.
   Printmaking is a dynamic area and students greatly profit from working, learning and organizing projects together. The collaborative and social nature of the print shop offers many unique opportunities for students to work together in an inclusive, constructive and supportive environment


Psi Chi

   Psi Chi is UNF's local chapter of the National/International Honorary of the same name. Selections are based on applications submitted through the national database with induction ceremonies held typically in April. 

Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA)

We are a student organization at the University of North Florida. Advancing the profession and the future professional. We aim to foster learning within the public relations and communication major, help students network with professional in the field and to promote and assist the overall communication department.

Rasine Kreyol (R.K.)

Rasine Kreyol is a club geared towards teaching UNF students about the Haitian culture. We exist to include individuals of all backgrounds and religions. We have one goal and it is to bring everyone together

Red Cross Ospreys

Guided by the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross and its mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors the Red Cross Ospreys, will learn, practice and exemplify humanitarian values through mission-related service projects. 

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF)

RUF Christian Fellowship is a community of UNF students seeking to LOVE God, Love people, and love UNF. Regardless of your beliefs or doubts, RUF is a safe place for you to explore Christianity and grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him in community with others at UNF. Our weekly meeting is on Wednesdays at 7pm in Building 14e, room 1700. Please check out our web-site for more information.

Relay for Life (RFL)

American Cancer Society Relay For Life campus events serve as a powerful way for you to raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer, from helping people facing the disease in your community to ensuring cancer is a thing of the past for future generations. The Relay For Life movement features campus and community events that offer an opportunity to honor the cancer survivors in your life, promote how you can reduce your cancer risk, and raise money to help find a cure. Today, with the support of thousands of student volunteers, the American Cancer Society is helping save more than 400 lives a day. And we won't stop until we end cancer once and for all! Our Relay For Life event this year is on the weekend of April 9th.

Religious Studies Club

The UNF Religious Studies Club gives an academic approach to studying religions, religious organizations, and belief/faith systems found around the world. Using theories and safe space discussions, this club aims to promote understanding of such organizations with an academic approach. We also visit locations all around Jacksonville as well as beyond Jacksonville such as Cassadega, The Holy Land Experience, The Georgia Cherokee, and many more locations.

Research and Creative Discovery Coalition

The Research and Creative Discovery Coalition (RCDC) is open to all UNF students and seeks to provide support, training, opportunities, and more for those students involved in undergraduate research or creative discovery at UNF. 

Rotaract Club

Rotaract is a community service and networking organization working to aid the world in relief efforts such as polio and hunger. On the local level we community service based organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Surfers for Autism. 

Running Club

The UNF Running Club strives to support UNF students with a passion for running through community runs, running education, and race opportunities.  

Sailing Club

The purpose of the UNF Sailing Club is to provide a means of community and education through the sport of sailing.

School Psychology Club

The UNF School Psychology Club is a group of students at all levels of higher education, with an interest in psychological theory and educational practice. We are dedicated to supporting students' ability to learn. We apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior in students and adults alike. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine Association (STEM²)

The purpose of this Association shall be to convene students in the STEM2 disciplines, advocate for enhanced STEM2 resources on campus and inspire the greater community to to learn more about the future of STEM2 professions in our economy.

Sculpture Guild

UNF Sculpture Guild is a little more than a group or a club. We are a family of sculptors bound by rust, sweat, sparks, and sawdust. Wielding a diverse set of skills of working with a multitude of materials, we strive to create an appreciation and awareness of 3-dimensional art to the student body, as well as the local community.

Semper Fi Society (SFS)

Semper Fi Society is a club with the purpose of providing support, guidance, knowledge and opportunity for anyone who has served, is serving, plans to serve or is a supporter of the United States Marine Corps.


SFC Campus Based at UNF

SFC Campus Based aims to bring the community and culture of the CFC Family Ministries to the young adults on campuses. There are two things that make SFC Campus Based unique to other Catholic campus ministries. First, it is a part of a larger Family Ministry which means people will still find a place in the community ever after graduation, even after getting married, etc. Second, is the Charismatic roots of CFC which includes forms of prayer like praise and worsh

Sigma Alpha Pi

The Society is the nation's largest leadership honor society.  Students are selected by their college for membership based on either academic standing or leadership potential.  Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction.  With 492 chapters, the Society currently has 515,251 members nationwide.


Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Alpha Alpha Chapter

National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society. The purposes of this society are:

1. To honor those who attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking peoples;
2. To honor those who have made the Hispanic contributions to modern culture better known in the English-speaking world;
3. To encourage college and university students to acquire a greater interest in and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture;
4. To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech;
5. To serve its membership in ways which will contribute to the attainment of the goals and ideals of the society.

Sigma Lambda Chi

Sigma Lambda Chi is a construction honors society open to all construction affiliated majors, and students interested in the construction field. The clubs purpose is to help those who have achieved an excellent academic standing be recognized in the construction industry. In the club there will be dinners, meetings, events, site visits, and community projects, all of which will allow you to get to know the leaders of the ever evolving world of construction. 

Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta is a club for students on campus interested in English and literacy. We host events devoted to creative writing and academic writing. We encourage the interdisciplinary aspects of English and foster an environment for students to learn more about the disciple and share what they love about reading and writing. We also act as the official UNF chapter for the International English Organization for students interested in becoming a member of the Sigma Tau Delta honors society.

Silent Ospreys (ASL)

   We are a group of ASL, Deaf Education, and Interpreting students who gather weekly to sign to each other, help each other build ASL skills, and learn more about deaf culture. You don't have to be deaf or in ASL to join, we welcome any level of signers! 

Sing, Serve, and Worship

This is an acapella worship group. It's not just any ordinary group that just sings but we go out and sing to the sick, sing at nursing homes, to older people, and minister to them. As well as paying them a visit from time to time by using the talent God gave us. This group is meant to uplift those who have been broken down and brighten up their day.

Skate Club

Our goal is to build the skate community across campus with our peers to give students a fun and stress free environment to take a break from school. We ultimately want to be able to get a skatepark back on campus. 

Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays (STSC)

The purpose of UNF Skeet, Trap, and Sporting Clays Club is to enjoy and learn more about clay target sports and be given the opportunity to compete among other colleges in clay target sports. 

Skim Club

The Skim Club at the University of North Florida was created to bring students with a common interest in skimboarding together to discuss and practice the sport of skimboarding.

Social Work Club (SWC)

The purpose of the Social Work Club is to get students who are interested in the social work field involved with other students with similar interests. The clubs aims to involve students in volunteer work within the community and help spread awareness of the social work profession.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The University of North Florida’s Society for Human Resource Management is a student organization that is dedicated to educating about human resources and leadership and catalyzing growth for its members. It provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of personnel in the field of Human Resource Management through affiliation with SHRM Jacksonville and the National SHRM organization. It promotes the exchange of work-related experience of established business professionals with the theoretical academic perspectives of student and faculty members through open forums and information exchanges. Lastly, it encourages the acquisition, growth and continuation of our respective careers in Human Resource Management through expanded knowledge, camaraderie, respect and mutual support among chapter members and through our affiliation with national, sponsoring and other student chapters.

Society for Women Advancing Technology and Computing (SWAT Computing)

1. Introduce computing students to a worldwide, professional organization dedicated to the advancement of “the theory, practice and application of computer and information processing science and technology” (IEEE CS Constitution).
2. Prepare computing students for their professional careers by connecting students with local and regional leaders in related computing fields.
3. Promote lifelong professional and academic development.

Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

SAME is an engineering club that is open to all UNF students that shared an interest in the engineering projects and opportunities that the military offers. This will also give students insight into how the public and private sectors work with our military as well. 

Society of Automotive Engineers (Osprey Racing)

   Osprey Racing is a group of students from varying majors that design, build, and compete in international Formula SAE student racing competitions, most notably SAE Michigan. The club focuses on improving an open cockpit F1 style car designed by former UNF students and graduates. The club offers students the ability to apply concepts attained in the classroom to real world applications. SAE is a club that allows students of all academic levels and fields the opportunity to work together to achieve a fulfilling common goal.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Our organization is geared toward helping students develop in our 5 pillars. Our 5 pillars stand for academics, professionalism, leadership, chapter, and outreach. We are focused on rounding out our students the best way possible to ensure they are getting the best help they need through their 4 years at UNF.

Society of Physics Students

The Society of Physics Students collaborates with the National Society of Physics Students to enrich the undergraduate physics environment. Here at the University of North Florida, we work to help fellow students understand and enjoy the nature of physics in both the classrooms and in their research. As a club, we dedicate ourselves to the furthering of education and interconnectivity of the University of North Florida. We also like to have a little bit of fun! Stop by our room to meet some of our SPS tutors in building 50 room 1400! 

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

The Society of Women Engineers stimulates women to achieve full potential in their careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in the quality of life, and demonstrates the value of diversity. Our UNF section embodies all of the values and objectives set forth by the Society of Women Engineers. As a student organization we encourage college bound and current college students to pursue a career in the field of engineering.

Space Hardware Club (SHC)

Interested in building stuff that will go to space? You have come to the right place! The Space Hardware Club at UNF is an umbrella club for projects like: NASA's Hybrid Motor Rocket Competition, launching weather balloons with scientific payloads, cubesat development, and other aerospace-related competitions.

Spanish Club

   We want to share our love of Latin American and Spanish culture with UNF and the Jacksonville community. Though various events from practicing our Spanish to having event that expose student to different Latin American cultures. Any level of Spanish is welcomed

Spoon University

Spoon University is a food and lifestyle publication written by students, for students. AND ITS ALL ABOUT FOOD! It provides the ultimate food guide tailored to your campus, including articles on recipes, local restaurants, food hacks, and lots more! 

Members get to hone their journalism, marketing, and event planning skills in order to bring together the foodie community on our campus. 

Student Council for Exceptional Children(SCEC)

We are a part of the National Council for Exceptional Children aimed towards advocating for children with exceptionalities. Our goal on campus is to create awareness, and volunteer with individuals with disabilities in our community.

Student Florida Education Association

The Student Florida Education Association(SFEA)'s mission is to encourage people to come to the University of North Florida and pursue a career as a future educator. We hold once a month general meetings, and in this meeting, we discuss our affiliation with the National Education Association, upcoming events through our ambassador program with the College of Education, and current happenings in the field of education.

Student Nurses' Association (UNF SNA)

UNF SNA is a student nurse organization that encompasses leadership and community service within the university and greater community. UNF SNA's philanthropy is breast cancer awareness.  This organization offers many opportunities such as networking and holding leadership positions as we travel to student nurse conventions, fundraising, community service, furthering education in your specialized interest and bonding with other nursing students with similar goals and interests.

Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SNDA)

The purpose of the Student Nutrition and Dietetic Association is to provide students with resources and opportunities to promote growth and knowledge in nutrition and dietetics, and to promote nutrition and health on campus and throughout the community.

Student Physical Therapy Association

"The purpose of the SPTA shall be to serve as a liaison between the Director of the Physical Therapy Program, the Faculty of the Physical Therapy Program, the Student Body of the Physical Therapy Program, the Undergraduate Student Body of the University of North Florida, and other University Organizations in matters common to all."

Student United Way

Student United Way is a campus-based organization led by and for students. Through Student United Way, young people are giving, advocating, and volunteering to improve lives, and giving time and services to more than 70 nonprofit and government partner agencies within the 5-county region.

To learn more, contact  Sydney Solan, Individual and Student Engagement Coordinator at United Way of Northeast Florida at 904.330.3965

Student Veterans of America

The mission of the University of North Florida Chapter of the Student Veterans of America is to advocate for the collective interests of all student veterans and those who support them.

Student's for a Democratic Society

Students for A Democratic Society at UNF is a grassroots student activist organization in Jacksonville, FL. We fight against tuition hikes, racism, sexism, homophobia, war, and all forms of social injustice. We organize for affordable education, equality, social justice and a better future for our campus and community.

Students for Justice in Palestine

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) UNF Chapter is a diverse student organization at the University of North Florida organized on democratic principles to promote justice, human rights, liberation and self-determination for the Palestinian people. As a university chapter of SJP, we are dedicated to educating students and community members of the abuses currently occurring in Palestine, as well as the past, what we can do to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, and what actions can be done to stand against these injustices that are occurring.

Surf Club

The Surf Team and Club is an organization that brings together all people who love surfing and the ocean. The team competes against other college surf teams once a month then at the end of the year goes to California to compete in nationals. We represent the University of North Florida to the highest of standards and have a great time doing so. 

Table Tennis Club (UNFTTC)

UNF Table Tennis is a sport club that allows students to learn the competitive aspect of this table game. In the middle of each semester, the club will nominate a team that will compete in the NCTTA Tournament with hopes of moving to regionals or even nationals.

Talon Traders Investment Group

   The Talon Traders Investment Group is a student ran stock trading organization. We want to teach students how to grow and manage their money through investments. You can also help us grow a real investment fund that will be managed by the group. All majors and levels of experience are welcome. 

Team One Love

Team One Love seeks to motivate students to develop awareness campaigns, speaker series, creative projects, and group activities to educate people on the issue of relationship violence and work to end it.


The Awakening

The Awakening is a student-led campus ministry centered on the person and mission of Jesus Christ.  Our vision is to reach college students with the gospel of Christ and equip them to be mature disciples.  We gather weekly for unplugged worship, Biblical teaching and life-groups.  We also have monthly socials, service projects and mission trips! 

The Social Science Writing Group

The Social Science Writing Group aims to improve student writing by writing frequently in an encouraging and supportive environment. Members will work together to peer review writing and set weekly writing goals. Club members will motivate each other to meet writing goals through a public accountability process and learn new writing processes. The club will meet regularly to practice peer-editing skills, writing skills, and brainstorm writing ideas.


Trans Advocacy Club

The purpose of Trans Advocacy Club is to create a safe and welcoming space for transgender students and their allies to come together, as well as to work to raise awareness for issues the trans community faces and to advocate for the trans community on campus.

Transfer Student Academic Success Club

The Purpose of TSASC is to advocate and build interindividual bridges for transfer ospreys through achieving academic success by being mentored in all majors, direct access to us, social events, volunteer opportunities, setting goals by focusing on personal performance, directing a path to student resources and tools for student success. We strive to facilitate a smooth transition into UNF for transfer students resulting in a strong connection to the Osprey family. TSASC achieves this by assisting with campus adjustment through experienced transfer student one-on-one engagement by in person or electronic communication (e.g. email, texting, social events, and Facebook).

Transportation & Logistics Society

The Transportation and Logistics Society (TLS) promotes and encourages interest in the field of transportation and logistics among UNF students through recruitment events, facility tours, community service, and networking opportunities. 

Turning Point USA

Turning Point USA’s mission is to educate students about the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism through innovative campus activism and non-partisan, thought-provoking discussion.

Ultimate Frisbee

Traveling competitive ultimate frisbee team

UNF Swing Club

UNF swing club is all about swing dancing. We will be hosting free weekly workshops to teach dancing to anybody who would like to learn. We will also host several social swing dances throughout the semester. 

University Christian Outreach (UCO)

University Christian Outreach is a tight-knit community of students who seek to support each other in living out their faith on campus. Each week, we meet to pray, laugh, share a meal, and encounter God.

Upsilon Phi Delta (UPD)

 The mission of the Upsilon Phi Delta Honor Society is to recognize, reward, and encourage academic excellence in the study of healthcare management and policy.


Upsilon Pi Epslion (UPE)

UPE Upsilon Pi Epsilon is an invitation only academic honor society that recognizes academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the Computing and Information Disciplines

Vegetarian and Vegan Association

The Vegetarian and Vegan Association is a club dedicated to promoting animal rights through lifestyle and activism. We host potlucks, cooking demonstrations, documentary screenings, farm sanctuary trips, and volunteer opportunities. We are excited to meet new people with different viewpoints, so you do not have to be vegetarian or vegan to join! 

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Vietnamese Student Association is a club at the University of North Florida dedicated to promote and educate students and the Jacksonville community of Vietnamese culture.

Volleyball Club

We are a club with a goal of helping people get better at volleyball and help them get together to play for fun or compete in tournaments.

Wildlife Conservation Club

The Wildlife Conservation Club (WCC) is committed to providing volunteer opportunities with local wildlife professionals and to providing students with opportunities to help conserve local wildlife. The WCC also participates in various outdoor activities such as canoeing trips, wildlife viewing, and hiking. We are open to all students, regardless of major, interested in wildlife conservation!

Women in Business Society (WBS)

The Women in Business Society (WBS), founded in 2009, is a student organization based in the Coggin College of Business that is dedicated to supporting women in their efforts to pursue higher levels of educational and professional achievement. Our organization provides networking resources and exposure to career opportunities through general meetings, special events and site visits. We also offer many opportunities for our members to make connections with successful business women in the Jacksonville community. 

Women's Chorus

We share the gift of choral music with students from a wide range of majors and musical backgrounds, performing locally and for the student body.

Women's Club Soccer

Competitive, fun, student led club. Full of people who love the game of soccer. 

Womens Lacrosse

Osprey Womens Lacrosse exists to compete with other teams in the state playing Lacrosse and having a good time.


Write. Speak. Repeat.

This is a club where students are encouraged to vocally express their experiences through spoken word, art or music. We will have meetings twice a month. One of these gatherings will be composed of going out to perform and/or listen to this form of art. School can be hectic at times, this will be a great opportunity gain social support and balance. Come join the revolution!

Young Life College

Young Life College is a growing community on UNF's campus. We believe that we are internally wired to explore questions of identity, autonomy and belonging and that college is one of the most beautiful times to start finding answers for yourself, but not by yourself. Community, adventure and significance are the foundation and the springboard into answers for our deepest questions and longings. Cultivating a community and engaging a culture where belonging while processing belief is a high value and we believe it is actually they way of Jesus. Let's have some fun, eat some meals, spend some time in nature, invest in the community and explore Life!