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RSO Funding

Student Government Funding:

Registered Student Organizations seeking funding for any items, services, or special events can request funding from Student Government (SG).


Student Government Funding is not mandatory for any Registered Student Organization, but if an RSO would like to receive funding they must comply with the SG Title VIII: Finance Code and Provisionary Language, and Title XI: The Executive Agency Statute found on the Student Government Website.  


Apply for Student Government Funding

Step 1: Request 


RSOs must be funding eligble: 

The RSO's president and treasurer must pass the Student Government funding quiz listed on Canvas with an 80% or higher.  

Funding Eligible RSOs can then apply for grants from the Club Funding Board or apply for Travel and Special Requests through the Budget & Allocations Committee.  


  • Club Funding Board meets every other Monday at 11am of Fall 2018 semester. You will receive an email if you are being heard at the upcoming Club Funding Board meeting.



Take this Funding Survey to see which request: Grant, Special, or Travel that you should submit.      

If your request is approved, your organization will receive an allocation of money.   


Step 2 : Expend Funds:

Submit a Purchase Request to the Business & Accounting Office. 


Take this Purchase Request Diagnostic survey to determine if the Business & Accounting Office will have to reimburse you, or pay a vendor. 

Receipts for reimbursement must be turned in with the Purchase Request no more than 10 business days after the purchase.   


Funding Timeline 


Funding Timeline

For funding questions, see the RSO Handbook, or contact the Club Accounting Associate:

Erica Calorel





RSO Fundraising


RSO's can also fundraise to gain funding for their organization. This can be in the form of accepting donations, asking for sponsorships, partnering with local businesses, or selling items. Recognition by the University does not imply tax-exempt status and under no circumstances may the University‚Äôs tax exempt status and/or tax exempt number be used by an RSO. 



SG Funding Forms and Documents








         Grant Request


Use this form to request up to $1,000 from the Club Funding Board. The Club Funding board may decide that your request must be approved through the Budget & Allocations Committee.


Travel Request 

Use this form to request travel funding from the Budget & Allocations Committee. RSOs can request up to $2,000 per fiscal year, but no more than $500 per individual.


Special Request 

Use this form to request non-travel funding from the Budget & Allocations Committee. This request is typically used for non-standard purchases (ex: wrestling mats costing more than $1,000 total).


Purchase Request 


Use this form to expend any funds that your organization has been allocated. You can request for SG to make a purchase order to a vendor, or to reimburse a club member.

Printed materials are NOT reimbursable. Only the Business & Accounting Office may initiate the order process (completed through a purchase order).



Additional Forms and Documents


These forms and documents might help a club with SG Funding, and can help a club receive funding outside of student government.






Budget Tracker

RSOs can download and fill out this tracker to better manage their finances.


Preferred Vendors

This is a list of preferred vendors for ordering any type of marketing, graphics, or printed materials.


Cottage Food

UNF has strict regulations on serving and selling food. There is a law that allows students to serve and sell specific types of foods, as long as they are individually packaged and labeled. See the link for all the info on this legislation.


UNF Alumni Assocation The UNF Alumni Association is proud to offer grant funding for RSOs searching for sponsors to fund a specific project, trip, or cause. Two club grants, up to $1,000 per RSO, can be awarded.