Qualtrics Support – Request a Survey be Transferred from Vovici Enterprise to Qualtrics Reseach Suite

We will be accepting survey transfer requests through Monday December 17, 2012


Please use this form to request that surveys be transferred from Vovici to Qualtrics. It may take up to three to five business days to complete the transfer.  You will be sent an email notification when the transfer is complete. Even if you have your survey transferred, it is still recommended that you export it from Vovici as a Word or PDF file. Doing so will give you something to refer to as you clean up the survey. The transfer process does not convert all question types. The question types that are converted are.

  1. Multiple Choice: Choose One
  2. Multiple Choice: Choose Many
  3. Fill in the blank
  4. Essay
  5. Matrix

The transfer process also brings in any non-question text. Once the survey is transferred, it will need to be cleaned up. Instructions for cleaning up a survey are located on this page.