Qualtrics Support – Importing a participant list from Vovici into a Qualtrics Panel.

You can import participant lists, downloaded from Vovici, into Qualtrics as panels. If you have not already done so, please download the list of participants from Vovici by following these instructions

  1. Go to the Panels tab and click the green Create New Panel button.
  2. Give your panel a Panel Name.
  3. If desired, give your panel a Destination Category.
  4. Click Create.
    import update from a file screen shot
  5. Choose Import From a File.
  6. In the Import From a File pop-up box, select Choose File.
    Import from a file
  7. Select your file and click Open. The file must be closed on your computer for it to import successfully into Qualtrics.
  8. Check the Verify Fields preview of your panel to ensure that Qualtrics is recognizing it properly. Select Ignore for all columns except for the First name, Last name, Email, and Completed columns. You may have to scroll to the right to see all of the columns.
    verify fields
  9. Click the Import button
If you plan to send invitations to people who have not yet completed the survey:
  1. Go to the Panels tab and click the name of the panel.
  2. Click the Samples button and then the Create New Sample button.
  3. Give the sample a Sample Name and then type in a Max Sample Size large enough to contain all of the people who did not complete the survey in Vovici.
  4. Click Add a Sample Condition.
    Create Sample
  5. Select If Embedded Data Completed Is Not Empty.
    sample condition
  6. Click the Generate Sample button.

You can use this sample to re-send a survey invitation from Qualtrics and it will only go to people who have not responded to the survey in Vovici.