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Available in CIRT


Charting Application-allows researchers to analyze, visualize and customize  numbers, and generate publication-quality output.  Chart selection, data analysis and graph customization capabilities. Custom chart template libraries, MS Office™ interoperability, and PANTONE™ color matching.



Available; must be requested by ITSR

Available in Mathews GPL (15/2102)

Maple is general purpose computer algebra software that is designed to solve mathematical problems and produce high-quality technical graphics. 



Available; must be requested by  ITSR

MATLAB is a mathematical calculations and matrix-based programming language used to implement numerical algorithms for a wide range of applications.

Student version available at reduced price:

Minitab Student


Limited- bundled w/ texbooks and in some classrooms

Minitab Student is a streamlined version of Professional Minitab designed for introductory and intermediate statistics courses.  Simple-to-use statistical tool for numeric analysis; can run several common tests and generate basic graphs and charts.



Very limited availability; must be requested by ITSR

Statistical modeling program for data analysis. Provides a wide choice of models, estimators, and algorithms with graphical displays of data and analysis results. Supports  analysis of  cross-sectional and longitudinal data, single-level and multilevel data and data  from different populations with either observed or unobserved heterogeneity. Also provides features for missing data, complex survey data,  multilevel data, and Monte Carlo simulation studies.

(Educational Analytic Suite)


Available; must be requested by  ITSR

SAS is a comprehensive package which includes statistical analyses, data mining, high-resolution graphics, and matrix operations  among its many features. Very powerful software but also difficult to master.

SAS Enterprise Miner


Available in CIS classrooms

Used to create predictive and descriptive models based on analysis of large data sets.



Available in CIRT 

SigmaPlot graphing software provides data visualization and extensive charting and graphing functionality.

Sigma Stat


Available in CIRT 

Wizard-based approach to data analysis. Supports Sigma plot and can compare effects among groups,
including before-and-after or repeated measures studies.


19 for Mac

Available; must be requested by  ITSR

SPSS allows users to read almost any kind of data, analyze data, and create reports and graphs. The interface is  similar to Excel and similar spreadsheet programs. SPSS can manipulate data in different ways; create new variables, fix problems with data entry, change the data to a different scale, e.g., to percentage correct, and more. SPSS performs many different types of data analysis, from simple descriptive statistics to logistic regression to reliability measures.

Stat Transfer


Available in CIRT 

Utility to assist in moving data between spreadsheets, databases, and statistical programs.

** all software is PC version unless otherwise noted

Statistical Software