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Qualtrics Research Core

The University of North Florida uses the Qualtrics Research Suite as its official online survey platform. All UNF faculty and staff have access to Qualtrics. Accounts are created automatically and do not need to be requested.

Facutly/Staff Qualtrics Login

Logging in to Qualtrics is done through the "Online Survey Tool - Qualtrics" link located in the Quick links channel of the Home tab in myWings. When faculty and staff log in for the first time, their account is then created automatically.

Requesting Student Accounts

Students accounts for Qualtrics are created by the Institutional Review Board. Please use this form to request student accounts. Your request will be processed within three business days.

Student Qualtrics Login

Students can go to this website: to login to their UNF Qualtrics account.

Qualtrics Training and Support On Campus

Workshop Registration

Qualtrics workshops are offered as CIRT events  and Center for Professional Development and Training (CPDT) workshops. Please check these pages for current workshop offerings.

Qualtrics Support

Qualtrics provides comprehensive instructions at the Qualtrics Support website and free phone and email support to all UNF users.

Phone: 1-800-340-9194


CIRT Support

Phone, email and face-to-face support provided. To schedule an individual consultation, please call or email.

Phone: (904) 620-3927


Institutional Survey Delivery

Contact: Peter Lowe

Phone 620-2606


Migrating a Existing Non-UNF Account to UNF

To migrate an existing Qualtrics account please contact us at or at 620-3927. We will need the account name of your existing account to migrate it in to the UNF brand. Your account, including all of your surveys, panels, and data will be moved into the UNF Brand. Active surveys will remain active and response collection will not be affected.

Online Survey Tool Advisory Group

The Online Survey Tool Advisory Group was formed to gather input from the campus community regarding ongoing support and usage of the Qualtrics survey tool.For more information about how Qualtrics collects, retains, and secures survey responses, please see their security page.