What's Different? 

Canvas has a modern interface and a different tool set than Blackboard . The transition between platforms also requires change to some of our LMS procedures, such as the way that courses are created. 

Blackboard to Canvas Crosswalk pdf

Blackboard --> Canvas Course Comparison


Canvas Compare You Tube

Comparison Part I  
Comparison Part II  

These videos provide a side-by-side demonstration of similarities and differences for the same course developed in Blackboard and Canvas. The course used in this demonstration is Evolution of Jazz, which was developed as an online course several years ago by Instructional Designer Kevin Hulen and the course instructor, Danny Gottlieb,  a professor in the Music Department. 


    Highlights of the noteworthy differences can be found below. For more information, please contact the Center for Instruction and Research Technology at 904.620.3927 or cirtlab@unf.edu.


    Noteworthy Changes