Assessment Questions Guide


Calculated Formula Questions 

 A Calculated Formula question contains a formula, the variables of which can be set to change for each user. The variable range is created by specifying a minimum value and a maximum value for each variable. Answer sets are randomly generated. The correct answer can be a specific value or a range of values. Partial credit may be granted for answers falling in a range.  

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Numeric Response Questions 

 This question resembles a fill-in-the-blank question. The user enters a number to complete a statement. The correct answer can be a specific number or within a range of numbers.

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File Response Questions 

 Users upload a file from their local drive as the answer to the question. This type of question is graded manually.

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Hot Spot Questions 

 Users indicate the answer by marking a specific point on an image. A range of pixel coordinates is used to define the correct answer. Hot Spot refers to the area of an image that, when selected, yields a correct answer.

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Fill-in-Multiple-Blanks Questions 

 This question type builds on fill-in-the-blank questions with multiple fill in the blank responses that can be inserted into a sentence or paragraph. Separate sets of answers are defined for each blank.

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Jumbled Sentence Questions 

 Users are shown a sentence with a few parts of the sentence as variables. The user selects the proper answer for each variable from drop-down lists to assemble the sentence. Only one set of answers is used for all of the drop-down lists.

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Opinion Scale/Likert Questions 

 Question type based on a rating scale designed to measure attitudes or reactions. Users indicate the multiple choice answer that represents their attitude or reaction. When the instructor creates an opinion scale question, six answer fields are pre-populated with the following answers: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, Not Applicable.

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Short Answer Questions 

Short Answer questions are similar to essay questions. The length of the answer can be limited to a specified number of rows in the text box. The number of rows is meant as a guideline when entering an answer, it does not impose an absolute limit on answer length.

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Either / Or Questions 

Users are presented with a statement and asked to respond using a selection of pre-defined two-choice answers, such as: Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, Right/Wrong.

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Quiz Bowl Questions 

The user is shown the answer and responds by entering the correct question into a text box. An answer must include a phrase and a question word, such as who, what, or where, to be marked as correct. Partial credit may be given if the question word is not included in the answer.

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