Blackboard Course and Account Retention - Back up Course Materials

How do I backup materials in a course scheduled for deletion?


Course materials in a course scheduled for deletion may be copied into another course (such as a DEV course) or may be exported out of Blackboard using Export/Archive Course in order to save the materials outside of Blackboard.


Request a DEV course and copy Course Materials into the DEV course

Save Materials outside of Blackboard using Export/Archive Course

Preserve Records of Student Activity



Request a Blackboard DEV course using the Blackboard Course Action Request (BbCAR) system. 

  1. Log into Blackboard,, and click on the BbCAR tab.


  1. Mouse over Course Request, then click DEV Requests.
    Course Request

    DEv request

  2. Select the Number of courses you wish to create. Click Submit.
     DEV course select

Note: DEV courses are created on the Blackboard server once the course request process is complete. 


To copy course materials from the course scheduled for deletion into the new DEV course:

  1. Under the Control Panel in the course you wish to copy, click Packages and Utilities.
  2. Click Course Copy.
    Course Copy
  3. Under Select Copy Type, select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course. Click Browse and select the new DEV course that you created. Click Submit in the Browse window.
    Copy into Existing Course
  4. Select the the boxes next to the course materials that you would like to copy over and click Submit. You will receive an email once this process is complete.

View Video Tutorial


Save Materials outside of Blackboard using Export/Archive Course 

Instructors should use the Export option to save course materials in a compressed file (.zip) that may be saved outside of Blackboard and may be uploaded to a Blackboard course at a later time. 


1. In the Control Panel menu, click Packages and Utilities and select Export/Archive Course.

2. Click the Export button.


3. Select the course materials to include for an Export file. Click Submit.


4. You will receive an email once the Export process completes. Return to the Export/Archive Course section to retrieve the Export file. Click the link to the file and save it to your computer.
archive link 

To import course materials from an Export file into a course:

  1. In the Control Panel menu of a course (see instructions for requesting a DEV course here) select Packages and Utilities > Import Package/View Logs.
    import package
  2. Click the Import Package button.
  3. Click Browse to locate the Export/Archive file on your computer. Double click the file or select it and click Open.
    import browse 
  4. Select Course Materials to import into the course. Click Submit.
    Import Materials
  5. You will receive an email once the import process is complete. To recreate a course including user records, contact CIRT at 904.620.3927 or  

Preserve Records of Student Activity 

To preserve records of student activity in a course, you may use the following tools:
*note- this will only preserve records for students who have active accounts. When students leave the university and their accounts are removed, their data is no longer available in the system.