Blackboard Course and Account Retention

To align Blackboard account practices with UNF policies and employ best practices for data retention and optimal system performance.



  • Delete Course:
    • For any term-based course 2 years after the end of the term in which it was used
    • For any type of course except term-based in which all users with Instructor role have their enrollment disabled for at least 3 months
    • For any type of course that has been disabled for at least 3 months
      (disabled courses are not visible to any users)
  • Delete User (and any associated “guest” user accounts)
    • For any user account which is disabled and not enrolled in any courses for at least 3 months. When a user is removed from a course, the user no longer appears in the GradeCenter and all associated records (Discussion Board postings, submitted Assignments, Blogs, etc) are also removed. Student accounts are removed upon breaking enrollment, defined as not registered for a class in three consecutive terms. This applies to students who have graduated as well as those who separate from the university for other reasons.
  • Delete User Course Enrollment
    • For any type of course except term-based where the user does not have the Instructor role, where that user's course enrollment is disabled, and when the most recent term in which the course was used has ended

An email will be sent to the instructor(s) of the course(s), notifying them of the removal and steps they can take to retain content and student records in advance of course removal. These notifications will be sent 3 months, 1 month, and 7 days before removal. Once removed, courses will no longer be retrievable. See Instructions - backing up course materials in a course scheduled for deletion