Subject-Specific Professional Development for K-12 Teachers

UNF is pleased to announce the offering of a unique series of 100 professional development courses designed to provide a significant amount of support to a teacher with a new assignment.

 Subject Specific Teacher Prep

Why take these courses?

100% of teachers have a new assignment at some point, whether you are new to teaching or an experienced teacher. Why not take a course that matches your daily teaching responsibilities? This is a practical, economic and convenient, "just-in-time" solution to prepare for a new assignment.


What is included?

Included is everything a teacher with a new assignment would typically need to prepare themselves for the whole school year: Teacher manual with instructional support material that includes syllabus, pacing guide, detailed daily lesson plans, class notes (editable PowerPoint presentations for lecture support), complete student activity book or lab manual, editable assessments and keys, subject-specific mentoring teacher access.


What subjects are available?

Click here to view 100 course description and enrollment pages online.


There are 100 courses offered within the following subject areas. Click the titles below to view courses:


Advanced Placement (AP)     Languages
Art (music listed separately)   Mathematics
Business and Computer Science   Music
Cambridge International Curriculum   Next Generation Content Area Reading (NGAR-PD)
Communications   Physical Education
ESOL Endorsement   Science
Exceptional Student Education   Social Studies
Family and Consumer Science   Technology
Gifted Endorsement   Vocational
International Baccalaureate (IB)    
Language Arts (English)    

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