Are you or your company prepared to meet the challenges of the complex and evolving logistics and supply chain workforce?

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Certificate

Jacksonville has a major deep water port (JAXPORT), infrastructure access with three railroads, a tremendous US highway system (95, 10 and 75) giving us access to the north, south and west, and an international airport. With this certificate program, companies and individuals can assure themselves of being prepared to compete in the international marketplace.



During the 3 days a month over four months certification class, students will learn four necessary skills:

Circle-1Supply Chain Management

Circle-2Transportation Management

Circle-3International Transportation and Logistics 

Circle-4Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy



• Develop a comprehensive
   understanding of logistics
   and supply chain
• Retain and advance top
   talent in the logistics
• Learn the latest strategies
   for logistics productivity
• Help employees make
   better decisions
• Gain a thorough
   understanding of the
   international market  



• Learn supply chain management
   foundations, cross-chain processes
   and its future

• Understand the role and importance
   of transportation

• Understand the dramatic difference
   between domestic and international
   supply chain

• Learn best strategies for
   implementing a successful logistics and
   supply chain management operation  

* This course can be customized to meet your company's specific needs




 management Management 


 ship Transportation


Module 1

A Logistics Perspective

  • Supply Chain Management: An Overview
  • Global Dimensions of Supply Chains
  • Role of Logistics in Supply Chains
  • Distribution and Omni-Channel Network Design
  • Sourcing Materials and Services
  • Producing Goods and Services
  • Demand Management
  • Order Management and Customer Service
  • Managing Inventory in the Supply Chain
  • Distribution - Managing Fulfillment Operations
  • Transportation - Managing the Flow of the Supply Chain
  • Aligning Supply Chains
  • Supply Chain Performance Measurement and Financial Analysis
  • Supply Chain Technology - Managing Information Flows
  • Strategic Challenges and Change
Module 2

A Supply Chain Perspective

  • Transportation: Critical Link in the Supply Chain
  • Transportation: Critical Link in the Economy
  • Transportation Regulation and Public Policy
  • Costing and Pricing Transportation
  • Motor Carriers
  • Railroads
  • Airlines
  • Water Carriers and Pipelines
  • Transportation Risk Management
  • Global Transportation Planning
  • Global Transportation Execution
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Private Transportation and Fleet Management
  • Issues and Challenges of Global Supply Chains

 globe Logistics 


Module 3

International Logistics

  • International Trade
  • International Supply Chain Management
  • International Infrastructure
  • International Methods of Entry
  • International Contracts
  • Terms of Trade or Incoterms; Rules
  • Terms of Payment
  • Managing Transaction Risks
  • International Commercial Documents
  • International Insurance
  • International Ocean Transportation
  • International Air Transportation
  • International Land and Multimodal Transportation
  • Packaging for Export
  • International Logistics Security
  • Customs Clearance
  • Developing a Competitive Advantage

Module 4

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics, the Supply Chain and Competitive Strategy
  • Delivering Customer Value
  • Going to Market
  • Measuring Logistics Costs and Performance
  • Matching Supply and Demand
  • Creating the Responsive Supply Chain
  • Strategic Lead – Time Management
  • The Synchronous Supply Chain
  • Complexity and the Supply Chain
  • Managing the Global Pipeline
  • Service Logistics
  • Managing Risk in the Supply Chain
  • The ERA of Network Competition
  • Overcoming the Barriers to Supply Chain Integration
  • Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • The Supply Chain of the Future



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