Firms must respond to changing global customer needs with logistics flexibility and supply chain strategy essentials.

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This NEW 14-hour course will provide transportation and logistics professionals an in-depth knowledge of cargo, traffic management skills, and an understanding of the unique requirements of international transportation and logistics. Being able to successfully navigate the sequence of formalities critical to international freight forwarding can help advance your career. The course provides a high level viewpoint of real-world challenges importers and exporters face every day. Upon completion of the course the participant will have practical knowledge of the forwarding of shipments by ocean and air.



• Learn how to avoid common mistakes
• Become a well-informed freight forwarder,
   increasing business growth and lessening the
   impact of common, avoidable mistakes
• Become more prepared and qualified to address
   the real-world challenges of exporters and importers

• Learn to speak the language to run an international
   department and get on top of new regulations and

• Be exposed to real life relatable examples to assist
   in understanding international business



• International Trade
• International Supply Chain Management
• International Infrastructure
• International Methods of Entry
• International Contracts
• Terms of Trade or Incoterms Rules
• Terms of Payment
• Managing Transaction Risks
• International Commercial Documents

• International Insurance
• International Ocean Transportation
• International Air Transportation
• International Land and Multimodal Transportation
• Packaging for Export
• International Logistics Security
• Customs Clearance
• Developing a Competitive Advantage

* This course can be customized to meet your company's specific needs




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